?? Supplements for MMA training

I posted on health and nutrition, but that board doesn't see to much action!

Anyway, the deal is I just bought 2 things and want to use them both, seeing as they are already paid for.

Firstly, I bought Methyl-1-Testosterone.  I got a bottle of 120 ct for $32, including shipping.

I also bought Twinlab Testosterone with ZMA.  It is 60 ct for $25.

Can these things be taken at the same time? 

It probably sounds idiotic, but I don't know because I never use any supplements.  I just want to see good results and thought it best to ask someone who knows these things.

Could I just use the first one until it runs out and then move on to the second or would I be taking a BIG step backwards?

Thanks in advance.


Those are basicly side effects in a bottle, I'd stay away. If you really want test get test!

I bought them off eBay.

Here is what they advertised:

Why buy steroids, if you can get methyl 1-testosterone legally without the secondary effects of gyno. 120 Tablets, New & Sealed!

The Most Potent 1-Testosterone For Huge Solid Mass Gains!

Methyl 1-Testosterone is 16 times times more potent than testosterone. Methyl 1-Test is the most potent form of 1-Testosterone that's available on the market today. Most users of Methyl 1-Test are reporting mind blowing size gains without any bloat. Methyl 1-Test is generating a tremendous word of mouth buzz in the hardcore, community and most users are comparing this amazing bodybuilding suppplement to the most potent (illegal) steroids. Technology and science have brought forth new and exciting supplements that are sure to give results. Methyl-1-Testosterone is at the front of the game.

TWINLAB  TESTOSTERONE FUEL BOOSTER The Safer & healthier Steroid with ZMA.

A complete scientific formula for maximizing relative testosterone levels and activating anabolic processes. Contains a natural mixture of testosterone and luteinizing hormone (LH) boosters combined with aromatase (antiestrogen) and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) inhibitors.

What kind os side effects from using this stuff?

Did I at least get a good purchase price?

Would you advise that I try something else and just sell this stuff?


Two Words,

Bitch Tits.

Bitch tits???

What does this stuff do, turn someone into flab, if they stop taking it?

Did I get a good deal, pricewise and should I just sell it and get something else?

Any feedback is appreciated.  I just want impressive gains.


Precursors = all the side effects but none of the results of steroids.

Go to this site and sign up. This is the best advise you will ever get for supplementation.


That Methyl-1 your taking is really hard on the liver dude! I suggest you take some milk thistle with that or you may get liver failure! Check the potency of your methyl one. Most of them only contain about 5mg or 1000mcg. Do you know why? Cause they are super potent and will wreak havoc on your liver!

1 word, garbage, $57 would've gotten you a couple of hundred D-bol, same sides, actual gains.

Next time, do some research, and don't believe everything you read.

kickboxerx5, you're thinking of methyl testosterone, not the pro hormone, but the real steroid.

All you need is PROTEIN , Glutamine.

There's also a lot of folks at Ironlife.com who know alot about these things.

johnnypayne~the new methyl-1 is the same thing
as methyl-testosterone. They just released it by
Gaspari Labs and believe me, this stuff is
dangerous. Take a ton of milk thistle with it and
drink alot of water!

johnnypayne~the new methyl-1 is the same thing
as methyl-testosterone. They just released it by
Gaspari Labs and believe me, this stuff is
dangerous. Take a ton of milk thistle with it and
drink alot of water!

tell me about L- CARNITINE

thestewedowl has nailed this one. Creatine but only after you have really honed your diet. Don't forget water is also a very important component.

Some other supplements that help with gains; glutamine, vitamon c, and hmb (although I have never had good luck with it).

Read the supplement review 3rd or 4th edition. There is so much to learn and those books explain it very well.

kickboxerx5, M1T has been around for years it's trash, I wouldn't even bother with meth-test, if I wanted test I'd go on the needle with prop.

So this stuff is basically crap.  I guess I will sell it on eBay.

How about the Twinlabs stuff?


Go to this site sign up and read.


The above is a paid site but if you want a site that will not cost anything then try FREAKZ. Its no were near as good as SE but you will find some good bros on there. Just don't openly ask for any sources and you will be fine.


I know most all of the juice boards and you should stay away for them.