Supplements for your brain?

Are there any supplements or pills or vitamins that are really good for your brain? Thanks!

Vitamin THC

Chess and Sodoku.


phosphadityl serene is good for your brain and at 600mg/day will make you jacked and strong as all get out. they use the stuff to promote brain development in alzheimer patients, but for whatever reason it makes you stronger and get incredible pumps. i usually cycle it a few times a year 300mgs in the morning, then 300 right after my workout at 7pm for 8-10 weeks.

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Thanks likahn!

going to class will help dude

Ginkgo Biloba

it supposedly helps your memory

More books, less TV (and internet).

Think of your brain like a muscle - the more you train it, the better it will respond. Read something that makes you think.

...always worked for me.

"going to class will help dude"

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Flaxseed oil. 1 tablespoon a day. Improves memory and concentration.

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Exercise caution with phosphatidyl serine- it suppresses cortisol levels, which is great for muscles, but bad for your joints/connective tissues; ie supplememnting with PS on a regular basis increases your risk of developing tendinitis/chronic overuse symptoms...

an all around great supplement for brain and general health are fishoil capsules. There are many, many more that would be useful for shorter term or sporadic usage, but not things you'd want to take daily.

sleep and more time spent on ug

"sleep and more time spent on ug"

Best advice out there imo!

And thanks for all the answers!

B vitamins and Niacin can help the brain

Masterbation? Then my brain should be healthy as hell imo!