If you guys take supplements, I recently wrote a book about the little known, but very important, truths about what you're really buying. Basically, it helps you to read through a lot of the label hype to find out if you're getting something worth while. There's a lot of ways that many manufacturers can trick you into buying cheaper junk (and it's totally legal), which I have uncovered in the book.

Want to know which proteins are best to take before or after your workout? That's covered.

Want to know what supplements will help you get shredded? That's in there too.

I've had a lot of positive feedback from people involved in bodybuilding, and I know that MMA fighters have to be in incredible shape, so I thought that my info would be a big help to all of you as well.

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Hi Everyone,

If you need nutritional supplements either to lose weight, or just to get healthy, please check out my site. This company called me to speak at some of their corporate functions and I got to check out their products. I liked them so I became a consultant. Check out the site link:

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My cousin Bradley passed away from brain cancer when he was in his early 20's, so I am going to donate profit to his foundation. I know people here are skeptical, so I am posting the link for his foundation as well. If and when I make profit, I will periodically post receipts showing the donations. The link to his foundation is:

Richard Mendelson