I am looking to start lifting again after a year lay off(injuries and such) i am just looing for mass now. What is up with gakic. I am thinking of just geeting some creatine again

Gakic is fairly new, but the people that I know that have tried it are not very impressed. Even those who think it is ok still think that it is overpriced. Most people love NOEXPLODE (NO2 and Creatine combo) for a pre workout supplement. If you use that before you lift and then use a post workout shake like muscle milk you should be set.

The best thing is to first make sure that your body has everything that it needs to do its job in taking care of itself (nutrition).
As for supplements, a new and pretty amazing (based on anecdotal evidence) dietary supplement is Phytoplankton (Marine Microalge) from the west coast of Canada.

Compare it to any vitamin or other supplement.. You will see...

You have to check it out. Well worth your time, I'll guarantee that you wont feel like your time was wasted looking at this stuff.

Read about it here

I have been taking it for about two months. The first thing that myself, my son, and our bjj professor noticed is that our mental clarity increased.. almost immediately...