Support 4 Bruce Buffer

Bruce has done so much for this sport that I do not know how anyone (GayFokker) could say anything bad about the guy.

Bruce has represented MMA with a passion and professionally. He has helped the sport grow and will continue to help the sport grow!

Bruce, I personally want to Thank you for all you have done for the sport. You know I have done all I can do for the sport and I to will continue to help the sport grow!

TTT 4 Bruce!


Come on UG Lets so Bruce some Love!

TTT 4 Bruce!

KrazyMike is correct.

Bruce is the man.

Potato.. His announcing may not be #1 in everyones book.. however he MORE than makes up for it with his contributions to the sport. That's what the whiners must understand.

what exactly has he done for the sport? isn't he just a ring announcer?

Who the heck would rip on Buffer?

"what exactly has he done for the sport? isn't he just a ring announcer?"

you are probably new to the sport then.. the guy has done everything he can to help promote the sport and help it be seen in a professional light..he is much more than a ring announcer.. he is a an advocate and a fine representative for MMA.

Yeah, maybe I am not fully appriciating Bruce here. What has he done besides announce? Does he do it for free or something?

Bruce Rules! Huge thanks to him for all he's done for the sport.

I have been a fan of the sport since the beginning and understand that Bruce is also a huge fan and attends other evnts regularly. However, I am also curious what exactly he does to help the sport (not saying he doesn't) as people regularly say and then never give any support.

He has wrote powerful articles, done talk shows ect... he has had a major influence in promoting MMA for many years.

I support him doing everything he does for the sport minus the announcing.

I don't think Gayfokker was saying that Bruce is not good for MMA, he was just saying he is not the best announcer,which I agree.

I don't know, he clowned on him before he said "plus his announcing"

Bruce is great for our sport behind the scenes. He sucks at announcing.

Now, Michael Buffer knows how to announce.

When you bad mouth the Buffers, the terrorists win

Buffer bashers are uniting...get down!!

Bruce is a horrible announcer...

I met him at the last WFA show in Vegas, he was super nice. I gave him my business card and he even emailed me to compliment my artwork. I thought that was pretty cool of him.