Support and/or suggestions?

I've let myself get pretty flabby (5'8", 175lbs and somewhat soft) and I'm looking to get fit again, fast. My first goal is just shedding the excess fat and getting my cardio back (after this, I will worry about getting really strong again).

My plan is to workout six days a week:

Mon/Thurs-- Scrapper workout 1

Tues/Fri-- Taku interval program with a jump rope

Wed/Sat-- Long jog (about 45min)

I wanted a workout that I can do anywhere, because I will be traveling a lot, and I wanted a little variety.

If I do this for five weeks, should I get pretty trim and fit? I feel like I need some encouragement before I get started. And any advice would be appreciated.

BTW, I will also be watching my diet carefully; lots of fruits and veggies, a good bit of protien, and a proper balance of fats.

The shedding of the pounds depends on the diet, which sounds good in your brief description.

Otherwise, it looks like a good solid plan to me. You'll get to your goals pretty quick if you stick with it.