Support for Monson

A while back i see a thread that a lot of people said was Monson bashing the troops. And the War. I can say that I am in Iraq fro the second time. this time i go in and out of Iraq all the time and spend a lot of time on the Roads. I unserstand why I am here to give the people the right to say and do as the want back home. even if we feel they are wrong. In this case i feel He was miss understood. So lets not let Politics ruin the great sport of MMA. With that Mr.Monson good luck Sat night. And there are a lot of us that support you !






As a fellow veteran, I totally agree.

WAR Snowman!!

My name is MKK,

And I approve this message.

So lets not let Politics ruin the great sport of MMA.

Then tell him to shut the fuck up, don't tell usto stop criticizing him on the UG. His words will reach tens of millions. Our words will reach UGers.

ttt for Monson.

Mr. Cater i never told you to stop criticizing him. i just stated i felt he was misunderstood. and i am sure we have all said something we were regretful for. I just feel he got a bad rep for it. thats all i dont agree with all he says but its not for me to judge. there is one one that can judge him and its not me. Just look past that and see the skill is all i tryin to say.

I am a veteran of Desert Storm. Even though I don't agree with everything that Jeff Says, I respect him for speaking his mind. I also think that he is  a good guy. I will be rooting for him Saturday night.


You see,

Hardcore101 has the right attitude. Freedom of speech makes America great. Agree, Disagree. We all have smelly buttholes...

LOL @ telling him to STFU... since it nearly cost him a contract and a chance to fight in the big show, I'm pretty sure he got that message.

Some dude asked him about his politics in an interview and he told them...big deal if he's wierd.

You bash a guy with a bizzare political viewpoint, but many of you openly cheer for scum that have actually done disgusting things in their lives.

How many of you would cheer for Mike Tyson? for Lee Murray? For Gilbert Yvel, Mike Kyle, hell how about Mayhem Miller... I root for him, but it also sounds like he has done some shady stuff.

I hate Monsons viewpoint, but don't gimmie this crap about not watching the fights cuz of what he said if your gonna root for other guys that have done shit much, much worse than offer their opinion on politics.

I support Monson!

i don't think he was misunderstood at all.
i do agree though, he has every right to voice his opinion. just like those with an opposing opinion have the right to voice theirs. or is that not ok?

so if we don't want politics to ruin the sport tell it to the fighters, not the posters on the UG. The fighters would be the ones getting media attention that could lead to anything ruining the sport. Although I doubt a persons political views is going to ruin the sport.

stealu1two, thank you for your servcie. God Speed.

I think you can support the troops still and not support the war.

Whats next, your going to stop thinking certain playboy centerfold models are not hot because they may be a communist or something lol.

Who cares what he thinks, I like his fighting style. And to be honest, he seems less annoying than Sylvia.