Ok I have posted on here about the company I work for and how our competitor always bad mouths us and he says he is the toughest midget around. Well I put the challenge to him and wouldnt you know he sends in one of his smaller guys to talk trash to me. Well if thats what they want thats what they get. I offered them a fight July 9th in Indy at the Elite Cage Fighting event. Why am I posting this? Well I think alls they can do is talk trash so if you are coming to this event go to their webboard and post telling them you want to see this happen.

For all you TOAD supporters post on their how you want to see the fight happen. Again thanks for all your support. PEACE


Shouldn't you be in Korea fighting Lions...?

Cambodia smartass.


support challenge here:

I would buy a ticket, any weapons?

"any weapons?"
It would be a MMA Cage Fight. not wrestling.

i support midget violence...i will be at this event

No they tried to get me for the cambodia thing but I enjoy my life. Here are the sites I am affiliated with.

Here is our competitors

Like I said they talk trash about me an my boys and now I am calling them out in a cage match. Wrestling versus Martial arts only midget style. PEACE


Ferox thanks for the offer Ill drop ya a line.

The MMA midget fight I saw in Inglewood allowed weapons so I thought I would ask, but it was limited to the weapons used in the movie The Warriors, lead pipes, chains, etc.

I support Midget Violence! Go Toad!!!

I support JulesK supporting Midget Violence! that posterior support?

whichever side you need supported. supports midget violence.... ttt

I partied with a "Bloody Midget" last night at a Maxim party... dude looked tough... but thats about it =P

Yeah thats all he knows how to do is look tough. Like I said if he was he wouldnt be sending one of his smaller guys into the cage. HE NEEDS TO STEP UP HIMSELF. PEACE


The BEATDOWN BROTHERS endorse Midget Violence.


I support ECF supporting SwampRocker who supports JulesK supporting Midget Violence.


Toad, will Mack Daddy Flex be fighting? He is borderline Midget.

Crazy shit! I had fun at the website.

Well word must be getting around about midget mma cause my people have gotten some calls from other places with interested midgets. This could be the next big thing. PEACE