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We’re kindly asking all fans of CanadianMMA to show their support by purchasing one of our 4 brand new t-shirts available through our new on-line store at:

All proceeds from the sale of these t-shirt will go towards legalizing MMA in Ontario and spreading true Amateur MMA across Canada! These are two essential milestones which the sport will have to achieve in this country in order for it to truly achieve its full potential. Until that time, all those connected with the sport (coaches, athletes, gym owners, fans) will be handicapped.

OMMAA & CMMAA are incorporated provincially and federally, respectively and both are not- for-profit organizations. All Board Members and Officers of the companies are volunteers. We are also the only official organizations working toward the legalization of MMA in Ontario. If you live in the Toronto area, you can also email us back to make pick-up arrangements as to avoid shipping & taxes.

Have we still not convinced you to purchase a t-shirt? Well, we shall try to further sway you by making a comparison with some other common things a young male purchases with around $25.

A Pack of Beer – at 130 calories per beer, 24 beers and 3,120 calories later and you've got yourself a nice santa-clause like beer belly. One you can hold with both hands and shake up
and down, much like a woman in her ninth month of pregnancy. Try the look of a mma t-shirt instead!

A Haircut - face it, you ran out of new hair styles when you were 13. Out of boredom/frustration of not being able to reinvent yourself you’ve probably tried buzzing your
hair a few times and (insert gasp here) you may have even tried putting blonde hi-lights in your hair. Give it up! A new hair cut ain't gonna make a difference, but a slick new mma t-shirt

A Bottle Crown Royale - a glass of rye & coke is also about 130 calories. If you cut out the coke it's only 90 calories. But, we all know what happens when you mix raging testosterone
with lots of rye. Put the $25 towards a cool mma t-shirt and save yourself from a killer hangover and a black eye you can’t explain.

Taking a Date to the Movies - any other summer and I might say, heck I understand. But, let's face it, this summer of movies has been nothing to write home about! Did watching Spiderman 3, the Transformers or Pirates of the Caribbean cure cancer? No, and neither will buying one of our tshirts. But, wearing a mma tshirt around town will provide for many, many more hours of entertainment as strangers will walk by you and whisper to one another, “do you think that guy’s one of those u-l-t-i-m-a-t-e fighters? Let’s walk on the other side just in case he goes

And that brings me to my final point that when you wear a mma t-shirt you can expect one of two standard responses. Firstly, if the person is only slightly familiar with the sport they’ll eye
you suspiciously and wonder if you’re a mad man about to start throwing haymakers at the first unsuspecting victim who gives you the slightest cause. Or, if the person is a fan themselves
you can count on them approaching you and saying, “hey, that’s like the coolest shit, I get together with my buddies to watch that stuff all the time!” In this case, feel free to proceed to
chat about who you think is going to win between Couture and that badass Brazilian who you thought broke Cro Cop’s leg.

There’s something to note if you’re a female ordering a mma t-shirt. It will be an excuse for every single guy to engage you in conversation because they will see you as a potential “cool
chick” and the opening line of “so, do you watch mma?” is just to easy to resist! If there are such things as “chick magnets”, this would be the opposite of that, “male magnets”.

If you’ve read this entire semi-senseless blathering you must really like the sport of mma. So quit wasting your time and help us fight the good fight, by ordering a t-shirt already, darn it!

The Board Members of CMMAA & OMMAA

Anyone who buys a t-shirt will also get to be Joe's Facebook friend, plus
maybe get a Pownce invite...



I find the most of this thread offensive...and a personal attack...


I find people who get offended quite offensive*. Attack that.

(* with apologies to Berkley Breathed)

The beer belly comment still stings ;)


ttt for an excellent cause

are you saying I am fat!

you can buy your shirts at the Bravado Open as the CMMAA will have a booth there.

Support the cause