Support the FANS, mate.

Alright mate, I wanted t'say this for a long fuckin' time an' now is perfect 'cos the UFC comin' up on Friday, so listen t'the Skelboy. Lend me y'ears, I'll try me best not t'have a slash in them or eat them when I comes home pissed in the middle o'the fuckin' night.

I'm sick o'this "support the sport" bollocks, an' I know that most non-twats is, too. The fuck does that mean, mate? Help the sport survive? Alright mate, as a fan I want t'be able t'see NHB events as easy as possible an' even though I don't likes the UFC management's way o'runnin' things that much, I'm still gonna buy the events, 'cos that way hopefully I gets t'see some good fights an' make it a bit more likely that the UFC will keep gettin' shown here, mate.

An' yeah, if this means don't just download them events y'could buy live or get on DVD, that's fair enough. Y'could just download every UFC instead o'buyin' them, mate, but then y'in't allowed t'start cryin' when they in't shown anymore, get me? Like I fuckin' said, mate, not a big fan o'the UFC management an' that Dana White bloke, but when I'm watchin' I like any fighter what gets in the ring or cage an' goes for the finish, don't matter how much o'a fuckin' knob they is usually. That's why I buy the UFC, mate, 'cos I want t'see good fighters havin' good fights, an' if I just steals it instead it's gonna go bust (quicker, ha ha).

But I draw the fuckin' line at me obligations as a fan goin' any fuckin' further than that, mate. When them Zuffa blokes said fans had that "responsibility" shite t'go out an' promote the UFC for FREE on their own fuckin' time I were well angry at 'em. I buys the shows an' DVDs when I want t'see 'em, lads, but I in't fuckin' goin' out an' bein' one o'them gay "street soldiers" or whatever the fuck their called just 'cos y'don't want t'spend money on promotin' the fuckin' event properly, know what I mean?

This "support the sport" shite has been distorted as a way t'make punters think they got one o'them "duty" things t'do more than just buy the fuckin' events, mate. Now y'see people throw that shite around when they just want y't'fuckin' do somethin' an' can't fuckin' think o'a good reason why, mate, or when they want y't'not complain about somethin'.

Look at what's fuckin' happened w'them prelim fights, mate. They used t'get shown an' it were no fuckin' problem, but now y'don't get t'see 'em anymore. If Zuffa in't gonna show them prelims on purpose from now on then they should just come out an' fuckin' say it, mate, not make up excuses or have their employees come on under fake new names an' say "IF YOU WANT THE PRELIMS, GO TO THE LIVE EVENT!" or none o'that shite. It in't fair t'the punters t'say that y'have t'"GO TO THE LIVE EVENT" t'see them prelims if they won't fuckin' tell us whether they're gonna fuckin' show them or not, get me?

Either commit t'showin' a prelim or two if there's time t'do it or not, mate. Don't fuckin' act like it were a "mistake" every time y'don't fuckin' broadcast 'em, an' stop lyin' t'the fans what's been loyal t'the UFC. Y'always talkin' about how great the fans is on the show, mate, so don't fuckin' piss on 'em w'this "YOU HAVE TO DO THIS TO SUPPORT THE SPORT" shite an' fuckin' say whether the prelims is in or fuckin' out (if there's time) so punters can decide if the show's worth their fuckin' money, mate. There's a big fuckin' different between payin' for a show what used t'be a guaranteed two an' a half hours an' one what's an hour shorter than that, lads.

I'm buyin' this UFC. I pays for what I sees, mate...but don't act like I fuckin' work for ya 'cos of it, an' tell me if y'plan t'show a prelim if there's time left or fuckin' not, mate.

Support the sport? I do. Time for y't'stop cryin' an' SUPPORT THE FANS.


can you rewrite that in english?

"And hang on to it since you'll need it again when your hero gets ktfo in his next fight...IF he ever fights again that is."

If he in't fightin' in one o'the next UFCs he's gonna be fightin' in 2H2H against an even harder opponent, mate. Hahahah, yeah, y'in't fightin' if y'in't in the UFC. Are y'that Dana White bloke, mate? Hahaha, yeah, giant Dana!

you guys actually read that?

i got as far in to the first sentence as "t'say", then i lost interest.

skelboy is both real and correct.


I don't know what a "punter" is, but I'm with you on the rest of that diatribe. Personally, I will not be paying for this UFC but I will be watching it. And I certainly hope the Baldwin brothers will be there to support the sport.

Wow....Skelboy is actually correct

i hope the baldwin bros are there as well...but i sure as hell don't want to hear them announce if they happened to make it or not

Attn: Dana White

You need to sign Skelboy as an UFC announcer/color commentator now!! Make it happen, ya hear?!!

Gary Hughes

arrr' im' a' pirate'


I hear what you are saying.In my case I willingly go out and advertise for the UFC.You see my friend,I am involved with two other promotions that do the same thing in a way.We "normally" don`t go out and post flyers,but we have.We also stand in front of the casino`s and hand out postcards or flyers to the gamblers.

I know that not everybody feels the same way,but it`s nice to go out and spread the word of a upcoming event.

The only drawback is that people often ask for "free tickets".

TTT for skelboy, poet warrior.

Thanks lads.

Crowbar mate, if y'want t'do that on y'own time then that's fair enough, in't it? But I resent bein' told that 'cos the UFC agreed t'get PAID t'show stuff in this country that "the fans" have t'do the fuckin' promotional work.

Shane mate, I been disappointed t'see y'been sayin' Lee turned down fights w'Tito an' Baroni on other threads. That in't true. Anyway mate, Lee's gonna fight Tito whenever Zuffa makes him a decent offer t'take a couple o'months off work t'train an' fight a larger opponent. Lee walks at 185 even after three kebabs, know what I mean? He in't turned down fuck all except a fight w'that Riggs bloke he hadn't fuckin' heard of for hardly any money.

Skelboy owns.

Good post skel, I dont see why everyone is in such a hurry, let Murray fight a couple of more no names to see if he is real then set it up with someone big, same with Riggs he needs to win a few more convincingly before he should be in the big time. Hell I still want to see Stiebling back for atleast one more go round

Hahaha, someone finally explained y'own nickname t'ya, mate? Nice one. Now if y'can get them t'tell y'what bollocks y've been postin' for the last few years y'be all set...t'go hide in a fuckin' cave, ashamed.

We got the last two UFCs here, mate.


I`m curious of the "Punter" also.

Punter = customer, mate.