Suppose Friday the 13th and Halloween was Real

Suppose every Friday the 13th and Halloween, Jason and Michael prowls the streets of some random town, butchering people and then disappear the next day.

When the day comes, how would you prepare?

I’d do kata

Systema for the win. If that doesn’t work…

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Stay home

Stay home and stay awake. lock my doors and windows and have a gun nearby.

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Smart to avoid the trifecta…


Mossberg 590 and make some swiss cheese

I would home alone both those fools

home alone christmas movies GIF


Now if these mofo’s decide to join the party under Michael and Jason, we are all fucked so…

Good luck with your guns guys.

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Worst, worst case scenario, contact Frank Mir after looking up “Frank Mir is the devil” thread from this site. Dude would solve everything (for a price unfortunately)…

A shotgun would turn their knees into perforated matter. How would they walk after that?

Don’t forget this would be real life not Hollywood

Some of the real life shit happening these days laughs at hollywood. Y’all realize that the fr@it actually ‘runs’ a country and was re-elected by fellow fr@its? We live in another dimension imo…


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Pffft, are you trying to be a victim? What if Jason or Michael Myers attacks you by a random pummel horse? Gymkata FTW

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