Supremacy MMA: Why that name?

It somehow just doesn't ring right, IMO...

and if I watch the trailer:

505 like the captured nazi submarine?

I mean... I'm just saying:

Yes. You can turn anything into a conspiracy, happy to be first on the UG for ONCE!

Now call me names!

(but seriously though: HATE the name)

So if nobody is going to trash me for that vague accusation, lets talk about how you feel about that armbar (if you train).
Cause I nearly can't watch it.

I saw the cover for it and it looks fucking stupid

that doesn't even make the top 100 in worst named MMA promotions.

Go through the sherdog fightfinder and laugh at some of the horrible promotion names.

Oh, just realised, my inflamatory picture link didn't work.





If you watch the video you see the full shot of the shorts and its just a lightning bolt. Stop trying to start yet another race filled thread.

lol at clutching at straws, supremacy is just a name they picked, did a poor job but the game could be fun.

the game looks like shit