Surely good chance for Gustafsson to get a belt?

Anyone think this is a great chance for Gustafsson to get a belt in this climate. Surely if he can get any form at LHW he can beat any of the current contenders.

Just randomly crossed my mind when picturing the current LHW picture. Maybe he still has a run left in him.


I mean… he did this to the current champion

Sure it was a long ass time ago but still. He’s really good. I’m his prime his only losses were to DC AJ and JBJ which are all quality losses


It is interesting that Gustafsson’s two most recent wins are over the current and most recent former LHW champs. It is also interesting he got smoked in his HW debut two years ago and has not fought since then and is now coming back to LHW.

He is only 3-5 in the last eight years which happens to also be the period of time right after that first Jones fight so you know he has to be battling a lot of injuries to be that inactive in his prime. He is only 35 though, time will tell what he has left. Riding a three fight losing streak right now but two of those losses are to Jones and Werdum, a couple of all time greats that trashed him.

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He sucks on the ground, he can be though. He. COuld be champ if no one takes him down.

Time off and injuries have slowed and kept him out…that and I’ve got the suspect that he’s a bit lazy or eats poorly also.

Jiri would starch him back to retirement

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I love this videos caption. That is not a combination, that’s the same punch landed three times.

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If he can get past Krylov. Kyrlovs recent losses are all to the top 5. Except Craig who he was beating.

I think he will be to rusty and Krylov will win.

I say yes, he can make another run if he dedicates himself and stays active

Top pressure from Krylov will get the win.

Alex needs to train with Kadyrov… Did you see what he did to Khamzat? He absolutely destroyed him!


Zero chance

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Gustafsson will never win a title in the UFC.


People said the exact same thing about GLOVER when Alex beat the bark off him.

I guess his modeling career is on hold for now

I can’t believe he is only 35. Crazy that he was only 22 when he made his UFC debut and was 7-1 in the UFC and fighting Jones by the time he was 27. You just don’t see many LHWs and HWs go on big runs in the UFC in their early to mid 20’s.

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Lets Gooo Third Wind Gus

Me Gusta

The Edge is the perfect backing vocalist , U2 would be nothing without his genius guitar playing and creativity.

oh and yes Gus can be the champion.

Jiri is a nightmare matchup for anybody at lightheavyweight. Unless you have a strong wrestling base you’re in trouble standing with him.