Surely Joe Rogan will get a nice send off right?

Goldy retires and gets nothing, surely Joe would get a ride off into the sunset moment from the UFC no?

This recent departure of Goldy makes me wonder.

Joe's not going anywhere 

Goldy didn't retire

UVMBJJpete -

Joe's not going anywhere 

I think you'd be surprised

Goldy didn't retire. His contract ran out and the new owners decided not to give him a new one. No negotiations or anything. Just a see yah later. That's how Goldy made it sound like it went down on his interview with Ariel Helwani the other day.

I don't see Rogan stopping completely. Maybe he goes down to just a few big PPV's a year, I imagine Dana paying what ever it takes to keep him under contract...

Joe has a lot of options but they decided he is getting paid too much he's still done.

UVMBJJpete -

Joe's not going anywhere 

He said he's out once Dana is out, I give it 3 years max.

Joe better get blown by all the where's in b Vegas for his send off

Joe is gone in August when his contract is up, IMO.


19 fucking years with the UFC, 15 fucking years working directly for Zuffa, Dana, Lorenzo, etc... and Goldie didn't get a text? A phone call? Goddamn Dana is COLD.



We shouldn't expect it one bit.

This is still Hollywood. Rogan is going to be naturally very open minded and controversial on his PODCAST. Fight Companions will still happen.

A sendoff is promoting a product that is not always pro-UFC.

One second they're doing a promo highlighting the loss of a vital piece of their production, then on the flip Viacom might make Rogan an offer he can't refuse to commentate Bellator.

Not gonna happen..

In 5 years it will be an entirely different squad running shit cause that's when Dana's contract ends. This is just the start. Ring girls are the next to go IMO, could easily get younger, hotter chicks and pay em less. Buffer might stay because Vegas likes him.

I dunno about a proper send-off, but it will certainly be different than the Goldie situation. The only reason Joe is still there is because Dana asked him to stay. Him and Joe have a much different relationship than Dana and Goldie.

When Dana leaves, Joe is gone if he hangs on that long. But I see Joe leaving on his own before anyone would try to cut him. His voice reaches too far to just axe him behind the scenes like that.

Rogan has that OnNit and podcast money. He's leaving the ufc sooner than later after what they did to Goldie

Johnny Salami - Rogan has that OnNit and podcast money. He's leaving the ufc sooner than later after what they did to Goldie
Two Joe will leave before they can "fire" him.

Joes ego will help him with the WME situation.

I don't see him going to Bellator, they have to work within the budget that Viacom gives them.

When he was offered a 1-year extension for only ~10 shows a year, it was probably with the hope that after a year, he might want to stay for longer, but as of right now he sounds like he has one foot out the door already, and WME continues to make moves that alienate their employees and baffle hardcore fans.

Short of a gigantic raise and another 1-year deal, I don't see him staying, and gigantic raises aren't WME's M.O. if you're not a true superstar.

However, maybe he'll leave and come back later? I dunno. They'll probably part on amicable terms, and maybe he'll miss commentating.

Joe will always be there in some way I think.
Should be anyways!

Anybody who listens to Rogan frequently knows he has 1 foot out the door already and came back for this last year very reluctantly and for his boy Dana

Yea I don't see Rogan sticking around come July/August...I've always been an almost embarrassing big fan of him and it's going to be horrible watching him leave. I completely agree and understand why though. 



Hey Kole... Sorry about your pops