Surface Computing -wow-

daddy wants one.


I am so going to doggy style and throw a batch on one of these.


It'll be interesting to see how the patent system plays out with this one.

Alot of those apps I saw being demoed by that asian guy at the tech conference (vague I know) last year.

I'm wondering how the different companies will try to patent this.

Is it even possible?

I know you can't patent the standard file/folder system as it is based on the filing cabinet. This is true with clam-shell phones as they were "invented" by Star Trek. Can someone patent your hand movements?

MY current employer (for the next 4 days) is doing a pilot project for M$ with these. This isn't really anything groundbreaking. Point of sale terminals have used similar technolgy for years, this is just dressed up a little.

damn...thats all i gotta say.

The coffee table of the future!

One of the most impressive things to roll along in a while. The on-the-wall display they showed would be awsome for classrooms, education etc...

slacker the device interaction looks pretty interesting and it's going to go well beyond any POS system. admittedly as an m$ developer, i'm pretty fired up about WPF (and silverlight additionally). I'd bet serious money that the casino industry is gonna be all over this right away man.