Surfing Town

one session in town is enough to make me not wanna surf for weeks. crowded as fuck and full of dicks. minimum 7-8 people paddling for one wave, people hopping shoulders, people mean mugging you.

what are some chilled out spots with barely anyone out? I heard Hawaii Kai side has a lot.

nope, no spots on hawaii kai side....don't come.

j/k. wailupe is o.k, and alot of other spots around that area. its a little fickle with some haole guys trying to act all posessive out there, nothing calling the guy out won't change. just don't hit him because he will call the cops, dat f#g. go out with your own crowd, about 2-3 buddies and you'll be fine. as for portlock and china walls, its just as bad as ala moana.

try outside sand island when ther is a big (relative terms) south swell, way better and les crowded due to the percieved shark threat.

no go hawaii kai. shitty waves. shitty crowd.