Surgery done


Just wanted to thank those of you who offered some advice when I injured my shoulder. I did elect for surgery and I am now recovering. It will be months of rehab before I am back on the mat, but I'm going to come back hard.

On a side note, percocet is good.

yes.. percoset can be very good.
what exactly did they repair?

my surgeon suggested that i learn to sleep in a seated position for some time, he was right about it too. it kept me from rolling on the shoulder at night which was a painful thing. we went out and bought one of those chair-back w/ arms type pillows to help.. it was alright. couch was better IMHO. =)

ive got a ton of exercises that you can start to do all the way through the rehab. the trainer i have here is a first rate so the stuff he had me doing was very difficult, but very effective.

Well, I'm in a brace right now, and i think i will be for awhile before rehab starts in earnest-- a few weeks at any rate. i tore my glenoidal labrum in three places. i had a posterior, anterior and slap tear. some of it had already started to heal over in the wrong place, so she had to rip some stuff back to make it all go back in properly. her comments were that it went well. she has rehab pretty much laid out for me, but i'd love to check out what you have and see how it compares to make sure the bases are covered!

yeah, I sleep upright to. as the nerve block wore off, my shoulder twitched. i thought i was going to cry.....

sorry about no capitals...i've only got one hand!

Heal fast.

that Harai goshi you did a while back was awesome.


Good luck with your recovery, I just had ankle surgery myself on Thursday. I agree with the percocet comment, not sure I could survive without it. haha.


yeah, it was pretty much mandatory for a couple of days, but they've backed off, thank heaven. i'm on loritab (vicodin) now. much lower dose.

i'm going berzerk in this brace though. six weeks! it's only been one and all i want to do is stretch.

i had 2 tears of the labrum.. one in the front and it wa partially shredded in the rear. they just cut the shredded stuff off and let that be that.

let me see if i got this right.. all you did was the labrum cartlidge but not any part of the muslces/ligaments forming the rotator cuff?

if that thats the case, then im assuming they ancored the labrum back into the bone with some type of small screws or something..

if you send me an email ill be more than happy to tell you what kinda stuff they had me doing for my rehab. it will most likely be different than yours to some degree, but most likely not that far removed.

thanks josh, i'll shoot you a line! and yes, all i hosed up was the labrum, nothing else.