Surprised this is not on here yet?

Myles “Fury” Jury

Age: 22

Trains: San Diego, CA – Victory

MMA record: 9-0

Congrats Myles

 TUF 13 full list of fighters and where they hail from:

Nordin “Fist of Tangier” Asrih

Age: 32

Trains: Dusseldorf, Germany – Pride Gym

MMA record: 16-5-1

Shamar Bailey

Age: 28

Trains: Indianapolis, IN – Integrated Fighting Systems

MMA record: 10-3

Len “The Liger” Bentley

Age: 27

Trains: Olympia, WA – Victory Athletics

MMA record: 9-4-0

Michael “Mick” Bowman

Age: 26

Trains: Liverpool, England – Wolfslair

MMA record: 7-2-0

Keon “The Black Assassin” Caldwell

Age: 26

Trains: Moultrie, GA – Team Reality

MMA record: 8-1

Chris “C-Murder” Cope

Age: 28

Trains: San Diego, CA – Arena MMA

MMA record: 4-1

Zachary Davis

Age: 26

Trains: Rockville, MD – Evolve / Team Lloyd Irvin

MMA record: 4-1-0

Anthony “El Cucuy” Ferguson

Age: 26

Trains: Ventura, CA – Knuckleheadz Boxing

MMA record: 10-2-0

Clay Harvison

Age: 30

Trains: Marietta, GA – X3 Sports

MMA record: 6-1-0

Myles “Fury” Jury

Age: 22

Trains: San Diego, CA – Victory

MMA record: 9-0

Ryan McGillivray

Age: 24

Trains: Edmonton, Alberta Canada – Legends Training Centre

MMA record: 11-4-1

Ramsey Nijem

Age: 22

Trains: Orem, UT – River Academy / The Pit

MMA record: 4-1-0

Charlie “Superstar” Rader

Age: 29

Trains: New Orleans, LA – Power MMA

MMA record: 16-5

Javier “Chunty Boy” Torres

Age: 25

Trains: Las Vegas, NV – Team Tompkins

MMA record: 3-0-0

 thats awesome   congrats myles!

That is awesome.

Heard dumped and rumblings, but nothing confirmed yet. Excited to see Myles on TUF. Phone Post

Lol. Damn posting from my iPhone. I meant I heard "rumors" and rumblings... I have not heard any dumping :) Phone Post

Dumping is in the other thread

GO MYLES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would be nice to see a MI guy win.

Myles Jury vs Jason Anderson... Dana make it happen! Phone Post

Angelo any plan's to fight any time soon?

Consider myself lucky to have "rolled" with Myles in his white/blue belt days at WW. His wrestling background gave him a good base to develop into a complete fighter today. Could of went far in BJJ/ no-gi but his calling is MMA. His training and work ethic is superb. He has the mental to go with it which is so important once you get to this level. When will he be fighting? Dates/Times?

I think the important question here is, how does the IPHONE come up with dumped instead of rumors?

Hey Bean... No plans to fight yet. Coaching wrestling right now. Ready to go around April I hope. TTT for Myles!! Phone Post

brief intro but check it out

myles "the fury" jury

MArch 30 is the debut, thanks for the info. I see Miles in the finals.

Congrats to Myles. To be honest I feel like he's good enough to get a shot without having to through TUF, but I know he'll make the most of it. Very well-deserved, IMHO. Myles is a good person in addition to being a good fighter.

Finally somebody brought up in the old school Michigan MMA community has made it to tuf. Congrats Myles and for me to really root for somebody to make it big on the show since the first few seasons

Thats badass!!!

 article today on about myles!

Great article buy iut didn't mention his development came at the hands at the guys at Warriorway, Big Don, Angelo, Harvey, Brandon and therest of the crew. I remember Miles as a white belt and how he progressed up to Brown Belt. I probably rolled with him 5 times. When he was blue belt I knew I was in trouble.

Matee has been a major factor in his growth too. Watching his fights, you can see that he has a very dynamic Muay Thai game.