Survival Tips - Wilderness & Urban

Rainwater collected in clean containers or in plants is usually safe for drinking. However, purify water from lakes, ponds, swamps, springs, or streams, especially the water near human settlements or in the tropics.

When possible, purify all water you got from vegetation or from the ground by using iodine or chlorine, or by boiling.

Purify water by--

  1. Using water purification tablets. (Follow the directions provided.)
  2. Placing 5 drops of 2 percent tincture of iodine in a canteen full of clear water. If the canteen is full of cloudy or cold water, use 10 drops. (Let the canteen of water stand for 30 minutes before drinking.)
  3. Boiling water for 1 minute at sea level, adding 1 minute for each additional 300 meters above sea level, or boil for 10 minutes no matter where you are.

How To Pick Someone's Lock

  1. Identify the model of lock you're trying to bump (pick). Take a photo to your local hardware store.
  2. Create a bump key. Any key template designed for your model of lock will work, as only the teeth are different. Turn your key template into a bump key by asking a locksmith to lathe the key down to its maximum depth; this is called a 999 key. A law-abiding locksmith might be wise to your lock-bumping plan and refuse. Alternatively, you can file it down yourself.
  3. Get Bumping! Insert the bump key in the lock, then strike the back of the key with a hard object, for example the handle of a screwdriver or, ideally, a rubber mallet. If you get your timing right, you'll be able to turn the cylinder approximately the same time as the bump occurs, opening the lock. While practice is necessary, the actual physics won't challenge you much.
  4. It might sound difficult, but even kids can bump locks once they are shown how it's done.

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