Sushi in Vegas?

Im staying at the Cosmopolitan, which is located next to the Bellagio. Does anyone know of a good sushi spot around me? Phone Post 3.0

Raku and Kabuto.  Not on the strip.

Shogun Sushi, Sushi Mon.  Not on the Strip

I Love Sushi but it's in Henderson.

Further away Sen of Japan.

Yellowtail sux. 

I heard Kaizen is good on Paradise across from the Hard Rock.

Go to the chandelier bar and have a verbena drink. Phone Post 3.0

Sushi Kaya

hands down
4633 Paradise Road
Las Vegas, NV 89169

I think they won 2 years in a row for best raw fish

Roys is an interesting sushi fusion kinda place. About 2 miles east of the strip on flamingo (iirc).

Or, you can come to my place for the amyl nitrate nigiri with a side of surprise buttseckz. Phone Post 3.0

Nobu at Caesars Phone Post 3.0

Sub Phone Post 3.0

Sushi Samba at the Venetian isn't bad. Brazilian sushi. Phone Post 3.0

What are you looking for?

If you want high end Jiro Dreams of Sushi listen to e kaye.

If you want typical Americanized Moonie-owned Korean-run mayonnaise sugar sugar sugar & jalapeno stuff, that's on every corner here & many of the other recommendations here are the upper end of that.

Roy's is Hawaiian fusion & great, but not in any way what I expect someone looking specifically for sushi is looking for.

Anything at a casino is going to be pricey.

Yama Phone Post 3.0

Yama or Sushi Mon

Nobu at Caesars was the correct answer.

YAMA!!! Phone Post 3.0

Kaizen is dope and it's open till like 3 am Phone Post 3.0