Suspect pulls cops gun and fires in wild 2 on 2 brawl VID

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The guy gets justifiably executed, while his punk lil brother takes an ass beating and runs away

Expect to see a lot more of this with our Southern border wide open.

The second officer did a great job of staying calm, then calling it in right after.

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Comments saying the instigator was the guys son. Way to escalate shit, you idiot. Enjoy a manslaughter charge for your trouble.

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Is it graphic? I’m not into the graphic shit anymore. I’ve traumatized myself with too many of those over the years.

Not sure I should watch…

There’s something about watching the precise moment of human death…especially if there’s conscious agony immediately preceding it.

Don’t get me wrong, sounds totally justified and I’m always happy for one less shitbag on the planet.

Where’s the fucker get shot? Stomach shots really get to me. Remember watching Lee Harvey Oswald’s face when Ruby plugged him in the gut. Fuck that looked like it hurt…

Fuck, I’m probably gonna watch this shit now…


You motherfuckers….

Officer did a good job on clueing in on the pre-fight/flight indicators that prick was given off. very good eye. he was favoring that right waistline and pocket. touching,an indicator of weapon . He might have even been hoping he was carrying , or usually carries in that spot. he did not like the police coming in.

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nice two handed grip. squared up to target.

Nice aimed shot string, nice cadence. one two three four.

bom bom bom bom. . shoot them into the ground.

That was intense

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