Suzuki DRZ 400 S -----Any fans here?

Pretty sure I have heard the DRZ suggested by several OGers.

Saw a used one for sale that is very nice and has a neat look 750 miles on it.

Seems a little overpriced for being a 2015, but nice.

Something to keep in garage and put around on ?

Or something to break a leg on, make Tim Duncan happy and save money or buy some AG.

Dependable, utilitarian and fun to ride. Not a great street bike, not a great dirt bike, but pretty good at both. I rode one for 5 years until my commute changed from 10 minutes of city riding to 50 minutes of highway. Not a serviceable highway machine, no wind protection and very upright seating position.

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I road one for quite awhile as a fun bike on Mountain fire roads in So Cal. I put a shot Tom of miles on that fucker. I got it from a guy that put a bunch of money into the suspension which made it a decent dirt bike. The cool thing is it can go wherever you want it to at least in Ca. Green stickers have more restrictions than plates.

Thanks great summaries.

I do think this guy is asking too much but the bike has low miles and looks really nice with all the junk added to it.

Asking $6,500 2015 --750 miles. Has a different fuel tank, seat and all the plastic changed to a plain black and a bunch of other junk. All the original items are new looking and still there.

I think you can get a new one for around 7k or slightly lower ?

I would spend the few extra bucks for a new one. If there is even something minor wrong with the bike it isn’t worth it and you can never be too sure if the seller is disclosing everything. Maybe if you could get it for 6K it’s worth it.

Thanks and yes this is usually my thinking as well. Anything used I want for a used price, not a near new price.

I am probably too old to be getting one of these anyway.

Used to ride a lot of dirt bikes when younger and street bikes/ scooters in crazy parts of the world but that was years ago. Not sure I would survive some of the spills I took back in those days.

They hold their value like no other. Bulletproof bikes.
I just recently sold my SM. If you are going to be on paved road more than 50% of the time, get an sm with a second set of calipers snd 21/18 knobbies. Easy to swap out for dirt session

good details !

also surprised at how high used prices are compared to new for these bike.

I know where I am, the supply chain is all fucked up and there’s way less new bikes around. Certain models are just impossible to find, and the DRz’s are popular. Maybe something to do with that?

It’s not an acute supply chain issue - imo- they just haven’t changed the bikes in 20+ years. Very simple bikes.

New gives you some peace of mind, but you’ll pay at least an extra grand, plus tax, and you’ll have to do it’s breakin servicing.
You’re right- the delta is small, but anything 15 +yrs old and under 10000 miles it will likely outlast you

Yeah, I meant the little things are holding up the assembly lines. I got a buddy who is a sales exec for a huge off-road parts distributor who said basic thing like bearings and snap rings are holding up assembly lines. Yamaha PW50’s have been out of stock across Canada since January because they had to cut production runs across all of their lines. It also seems like demand has gone up due to the lack of organized sports or the individual nature of riding , and supply is down. I’m looking at a 2015 PW50 at about $200 below 2021 sticker price because I promised my oldest a bike this year. I’m a cheap bitch, so it’s a bummer to even consider it, but I guess what’s a few hundred bucks in the long run.

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But your right, outside of the weird little corona issues, one of the best things about these bikes is the tried and true dependability of the design and the rich OEM and aftermarket support. You’d be hard pressed to find a more widely tested platform than the DRZ400.

I also really love the motor character. I moved on to 450 Mx bikes, and honestly, they’re pretty apeshit. The DRZ has plenty of power but it doesn’t stuff it all in your face at once. It’s smooth and grunty. I miss my old bike. It was unbelievably fun to ride.

Man you Guys are selling me on this thing

I need to post the link and you guys say decent or odd and overpriced

Ad is odd not sure why people write so much on an ad

“Only the best parts used. Acerbis Oversized Tank, Seat Concepts Seat, Case Savers, Aluminum Skidplate, Unarider Radiator Guards, Extended Foot Brake Lever and Shifter, DRC Footpegs, Lithium Battery, New Dunlop Tires & HD Tubes, Front & Rear Rimlocks, DRZ400S and E Sprockets, Acerbis plastics (Installed) & all OEM plastics (wrapped up in new condition). Too much bike for me, so my loss is your gain. It’s a street legal dual sport that I had planned to trail ride with my son until he is old enough for his license. The plan was to trail ride for now, and then use it as a dual sport in the future, but chasing him down tight trails while he’s on his TTR125, it’s just overkill, for me at least. I bought the bike in new condition and completely stock from the original owner in January. I did the build before I ever rode the bike so it would not be vulnerable to tip-over or crash damage off road. The original owner had some health issues shortly after he bought the bike in 2016 (2015 model) and that is the reason it only had 722 street miles on it when I bought it. I’ve put 39 miles on it (761 miles now) and all of this is the reason it looks, and is, in new condition. If you’ve been looking for a street legal DRZ so you can build the ultimate dual sport or adventure bike, this is it in a turn key package for less than the price of a new bike. First service done. All of the drain plugs were pulled. It’s ready to ride. Comes with all of the original parts pictured (including turn signals & mirrors), even the original tires/tubes. “


I can never understand the rambling salesman that tells me everything about his ambitions and neighbors.

Yes good description hahaha