Can anyone recommend a good free player or good free codec for watching SVCDs? My WMP doesn't seem to get along with the codecs I have and I can't seem to find a free player.

I'm not sure if I need to do anything to the SVCD files because I'm not familiar with this setup. ANy advice is appreciated as always.

i got a a sweet codec pack off

had all kinds of codecs and works great with WMP

another codec pak is called klite codecs off or

I used those too... I'm starting to wonder if the svcd is fucked... oh well..

Videolan is 100% freeware The problem is you need a MPEG2 codec to go with it (or any player, once the codec is installed you can use WMP).

What a lot of people do is d/load the PowerDVD demo (aviable at under tools), install it, then uninstall it. The demo is removed but the MPEG2 codec remains :)