Svcks to be Matt Leinart :(

We'd previously heard that Tom Condon's primary selling point in attracting USC quarterback Matt Leinart was Condon's plan to get either the Titans or the Jets to strike a trade up in the draft with the Texans for the No. 1 overall pick, which then would be used on Leinart.

Condon already has achieved partial success. Sort of.

We're told that the Titans and the Jets have contacted Texans G.M. Charley Casserly regarding the price tag for a trade. But not in an effort to get Leinart.

Instead, these two teams -- along with the Raiders -- have contacted the Texans in the hopes of possibly landing Leinart's teammate, tailback Reggie Bush.

The development is somewhat surprising, in light of recent speculation that Bush might not even be the first guy picked.

Although there's plenty of misinformation floating around in the days leading up to the draft, we've got no reason to question our source on this one. So, as always, stay tuned.

Oh really sucks to be him....

At least he isn't Mr. Fartyface

Leinart is such a dumbass for going back to school. He was as clear cut a number one choice as you can get, and now he could drop all the way to number 7. That is some serious dough he pissed away.

yeah but at least he won another Heis...err...

but he got another National Championsh...damnit...


He could've gotten that same tail or better...while making millions!!!