I LOST HIS CONTACT I think if you hit contact it goes to his e-mail....

Brennan... e-mail me at

what's up Kid? hope all is well man.

Not much Sven, Congrats on all the recent success with ROF!

I'll be ready to fight again in August if you need a 185?

Hey Sven I've noticed that a lot of guys from ROF are getting into the UFC. Congrats on having the best shows with the best up and comers (not to mention UFC vets. Do you think losing some of the more marquee ROF fighter will drop the quality level of a couple of the shows until the next stars come along?

I was also curious about how someone like myself would get his first MMA fight to be in the ROF? I don't plan on debuting for some time still, but would definitely like to know what I need to do to get to where I eventually want to be.

Thanks for any advice. If you don't still have my e-mail it is