SW was the Bomb in Phantoms

Just wanted to thank Whittier, Montes, and of course my brother Paul M for a fun workshop and weekend. The more time I get to spend around other SBGi coachs the more amazed I am at the quaility and depth of Character. Also thanks to the guys that made it possible.

Adam Singer

Don't forget the hot gay sex...you know you love the hot gay sex.

That was your inside voice Rory.

Remember. . .inside voice = (ssshhhh no-no)

Outside voice = okay.

It is ironic that we watched a great Homoerotic movie: "Jay and Silent Bob strike back."

Adam "My boyfriends goign to fuck you in the ass. He ain't gay but he'll do it." Singer

Yeah, don't be so suburban. If I think it'll get me a
few hundred miles...

Steve "Bitchneck" Whittier