Swain Mats for sale

27 red and gray Swain mats for sale. 80 bucks a piece. Los Angeles/South
Bay area.

Call 310-370-0116 and ask for Ron.

what size?.....shipping to 72701?

Call the number.

I was maybe interested but I'm not going to jump through hoops to find out what the product being sold is.

Is one phone call jumping though hoops?
Anyways, I'm just posting for a friend.
Here's more info:
Mat specs: Gold medal premium mats, 1.5 inches thick, 3 ft 3 inches x 6
ft 6 inches

Being sold as a set (not piecemeal)

8 red and 19 gray

They are such nice mats for getting dumped on... but roast all flesh they contact.



plz email me at john@judo-bjj-dvd.com if they are not already taken. and any pix would be nice too...thanks in advance...john