Swain Tatami Mats For Sale

I am selling 45 of the swain gold medal mats.
As you know these are the same mats used at the major grappling and judo tournaments around the world.

And as you'll see in the pictures these mats are in excellent condition with minimal use.

View the mats at this link http://www.firstmanmedia.com/mats.htm

This is the website address that tells more about these mats. http://www.swainsportsintl.com/f_flooring.htm

these mats are red and gray in color and are 1 1/2 inches thick.

they are a approximately 6' X 3'

measuring: 28 ft. wide and 28 ft. long

I am asking $75 for each mat or best offer. Buyer needs to pay shipping and I would like to sell all the mats at once but will consider splitting them.

For shipping you can contact a company called:
CH Robinson and ask for a "less than truckload"
freight shipment

How old are the mats?
the mats are 3 1/2 years old

What condition are the mats in?
the mats are in beautiful condition and have very little wear. one mats has a cut in it on the edge but I use that for the outside mat and it doesn't factor in as anything serious.

How many red? How many grey? how many blue?

Blue Mats: 29

Red Mats: 9

Gray Mats: 7

generally on shipping you would contact a freight company.

Feel free to email me at buber8@yahoo.com

where are you located?

Yeah, Where is local?