Swanson: I'm not 100% sure I'll fight again

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                                Swanson: I'm not 100% sure I'll fight again

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                    <p>@JonathanShrager catches up with UFC featherweight Cub Swanson to discuss Guinness, his career, his teammate Michelle Waterson and her chances of vying for Joanna Jedrzejczyk&#39;s belt, his assessment of Conor McGregor&#39;s humility in victory and how the Irishman would fare versus Aldo and Edgar.</p>


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One of my favorites. Would be really sad if he hung them up. He's still very relevant in the division Phone Post 3.0

I really hope cub fights again. He's one of my favorites. I feel he should have gotten a title shot before the Edgar fight but with champs only fighting once or twice a year a lot of guys aren't getting their shots anymore.

That would be a real shame if he did not.

9th broken hand, having your jaw broken repeatedly. Brutal sport.

Love watching Cub fight.
However, if he is even talking like that he probably should hang them up as going into it with less than 100% conviction-especially at his level-might not be best.

Conor predicted this last year Phone Post 3.0

Cub is a fucking bad ass. He's had a great career. If he decides to hang them up, he has nothing to be ashamed of. Good luck in the future Cub. Phone Post 3.0

esque - Love Cub and he should definitely fight again. I don't agree that having doubts = retire asap. It's normal to have doubts regarding just about everything. Doesn't mean his heart is not still in it. Phone Post 3.0


I think it has more to do with Cub believing he will not be able to become Champion. Cub knew he could be Champ before, obviously now he doubts that.

The top 5 @ 145 lbs. is absurd..

With so much sustained damage in his career, it's understandable that this isn't a sport to stick around in to cash checks. If he can make it without fighting for money, then maybe it's for the best.