Swanson thanks Edgar for a lesson

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                                Swanson thanks Edgar for a lesson

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                    <p>Coming into UFC Fight Night Austin, Cub Swanson was on a six fight win streak and confident in his ability to beat Frankie Edgar. Swanson came out with a strong performance, but Edgar dominated the final four rounds, finally submitting Swanson at the end of the fifth round. Swanson spoke to Heidi Androl after the fight and gave his thoughts on what went wrong for him:</p>

Heidi Androl: Well Cub, you showed a heck of a lot of heart in this fight. It certainly did't go the way you wanted it to. How frustrating was it for you to not necessarily be able to execute your game plan here?

Cub Swanson: Ah. Obviously it was super frustrating. But you know, he did what he had to do and he exposed me. I was super confident and I thought I prepared and I obviously I under prepared. I want to thank him for a lesson, and I want to be better.

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He kinda looks like Diego there.

Big up on owning up though. His tdd has improved but guess it wasnt Frankie level. He still shoulda got the title shot though.

Best attitude to have.

He'll come back stronger.

Enjoy hearing things like that instead of Excuses.    Cub is a good guy.

Must be frustrating too since he's lost to Mendes and Lamas before his streak. He was also given striker after striker for a while.

Conor, Cub and Diaz have all been fed a decent striker diet and been kept away from wrestlers. Now that they wanted Cub out the way, then he got a wrestler. Lol.

Wow i respect Cub even more now. That's how you lose imo you learn from it, not blame outside sources for your failure.

MUCH respect.

What a great example of how to take a loss.

Brazil, pay attention.

Comeback BJ. GnP Edgar is a tall order for anyone not named Aldo. Phone Post 3.0

Super classy interview from Cub. More fighters should conduct themselves like this instead of making excuse after excuse after a loss.

Class. Phone Post 3.0

All class! I just became a fan! Learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward. Good for him!

I am a bigger Cub fan than ever. Phone Post 3.0

He was too happy to stay on the bottom early in the fight. If he had tried to create scrambles to get back to his feet he might have done better. He needs to reevaluate his bottom game, holding on and waiting for the stand up just won't cut it.

Great attitude to have, cub made me a bigger fan and I already was one. Phone Post 3.0

I wasn't a Cub fan until I heard this interview last night. Humble. Gracious in defeat. No excuses. New fan. Phone Post 3.0

I think if Conor loses, Cub Swanson should be awarded the
Title Shot. It won't be the first time a fighter got the shot after a loss, and a few people have even won, thus validating their Title Shots.

I love the attitude. Cub will only get better from this. Phone Post 3.0

TTT for a Warrior.

Cub's the man

DatSpider - Best attitude to have.

He'll come back stronger.

This. Very professional response to a lopsided fight.