SWAT/Police Training DVDs?

Are there other training DVD's for Police and SWAT besides Demi's?

Does anyone have an opinion on:

Chuck Habermehl DVDs *** Turtle Press's Police DVDs?
*** GunVideo.com titles? *** Any other DVD's I should be aware of?



Any suggestions would be great.


Hi Alex.

There is not a lot of great material available on video for Police and especially SWAT for obvious reasons. The info that is available without restriction should be evaluated with that in mind. Usually, tactical info is restricted to LEO only. This doesn't completely eliminate the chance of it falling into the wrong hands but it is an additional safeguard.

As far as what is availaible to LEO via video? The ISR Matrix is a cutting edge program that stands on it's own. It is restricted in it's sale, limited to police, corrections and military officers & trainers.

The ISR Matrix 101 video set is an outline of what is covered in a two day workshop and explains the fundamentals of the program. There is a ton of great info and a lot that has not been seen before in other programs. The vids do not cover the entire program however. This was by design as video should never take the place of qualified instruction and coaching.

Contact: luis@isrmatrix.org for more details or you can e-mail me at fletch@defense-ops.com

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