Sweden: model of common sense

paranoid faggot.

Yeah I hear you. I think the last thing any American wants is for any country like yours to end up with areas like our inner shitty cities so when they criticize them for getting closer it isn’t to say we don’t know we have absolute third world countries inside of some of our cities. We are saying don’t intentionally crate that in yours.

America’s shit didn’t happen because of modern immigration but we don’t have to get deep on that history. I’m just saying it sucks because you all don’t have to keep going that way. Seems like you think so too but just don’t like people being over the top. I get it.

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Time will tell you soppy little bitch.

Also since you’re so sure of yourself look into the cunt that put the bill forward Iqra Khalid. In Winnipeg she is helping parks be renamed from the founder of Canada to the founder of Pakistan.

You’re built like feta cheese bitch and time will tell like I said I hope you are a young man like myself and will endure this drive into socialism / communism / envy & destruction and not some weak old lib cunt going to get taken out by Rona.

Also they shit all over Sweden’s immigration policy then when they don’t force people to wear masks they’re a model of common sense. Pretty obvious their minds process information selectively. It’s like they’ll trash all science regarding covid but if a study comes out denying covid they shout it off the rooftop.

Give 2 masks on, bro. And a condom too. You’re in a safe place here.

No lockdown, but it’s not like it’s been a free for all and business as usual. It’s as of late they’ve loosened restrictions after a year of no sports, concerts, restaurants closing at 8 PM, and nobody can do the sports they’ve been doing forever. Google translates this to their current restrictions:

  • Indoor event without seating: 8 participants.
  • Indoor events with seating: 50 participants (groups must be able to keep a distance of at least 1 meter sideways. Each group may not exceed four people).
  • Outdoor event without seating: 100 participants.
  • Outdoor event with seating: 500 participants.
  • Exercise race: 150 participants.
  • Funerals may have 20 participants regardless of the size of the venue or 50 participants if parties can keep a distance of at least 1 meter sideways and forwards and backwards from other parties. Each party may not exceed four people.
  • Private events in rented premises: 8 people.

Shops, gym and sports facilities

  • Must calculate the number of visitors so that each person gets at least ten square meters.
  • Businesses with premises that are so large that they can let in 500 or more customers or visitors should make a special risk assessment of whether there is a risk of congestion occurring in the business premises, parts of them or in connection with the premises. The business should take special infection control measures to reduce the risk of congestion in such places.
  • Must have clear signs about how many are allowed to stay in the room at the same time.

Serving places

  • Must close no later than 22.30. Cafes may be open for the sale of food and non-alcoholic beverages that are not consumed on site, ie for collection.
  • May not serve alcohol from 22.00-11.00.
  • Must take measures to prevent the spread of infection. Among other things, no more than four people may sit at the same table.

emporary ban on student flats

  • There is a temporary ban on student flats, carnival trains and the like. The ban applies until 30 June 2021.

No entry

  • Entry restrictions for Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway were lifted on 31 May and are exempt from the covid-19 test requirement.

  • No entry for unnecessary travel to Sweden from most countries outside the EU / EEA. The ban does not apply to Swedish citizens or citizens of another EU / EEA country as well as citizens from a number of exceptional countries.

Restrictions on long-distance public transport

  • The number of passengers may not be more than half of the vehicle’s seats in buses and trains that have line distances of more than fifteen miles

More government employees will work from home

  • Government agencies must take measures to increase the opportunity for employees to work from home.


  • The Swedish Public Health Agency recommends that mouth guards be used in public transport during rush hour traffic. The recommendation applies on weekdays from 7-9 and from 16-18.
  • Several regions have local recommendations on mouth protection.