Swedes should boo Downie

Just like the Canadians booed Johnson in the World Junior Championship.

2 10 minute misconducts, and one for a nasty butt end at the 60 minute mark. He's a dirty player, and we all know how much the Canadian fans hate dirty players. Hell, the Canadian fans should boo Downie as well.

I will be waiting by the tv to see this happen.


Hey i know they should fly the US flag upside down.

THat would be a good start, IMO.


Yeah I have no respect for any player that does that shit regardless of what country he plays for. I hope Mark1 that you understand that it's not because Johnson was a US player that us Canadians boo'ed him last year.

This is true, Bert gets booed everywhere. Carter got booed badly in Vancouver and Pronger gets booed all over Canada.