Sweep points

In submission grappling, if you sweep your opponent from your guard but end up in your opponent's guard, do you get any points?

For example, if I have my opponent in my butterfly guard and suddenly sit up, ramming my head in his chest so that he falls backwards - but I don't manage to pass his guard immediately - I end up in HIS guard ... is this still a sweep that gets me any points?



So what about this situp sweep I described above? Do I get points for it or not? dogface thinks I do.

Yes, you do get 2 Points.

You can not stack points. Sweep to mount only gets you 2 points for the sweep. Just like passing the guard and going straight to mount only gets you guard passing points. You must go to side control, establish then go to mount to get mount points.

who knows? grappling tourneys all have different rules... and different refs.