Sweeps Being Neglected?

I dunno maybe it's just me and my crappy memory but as I was driving home class today I was trying to think about MMA guys who use sweeps a lot and could'nt really think of any. I am only a 3 stripe white belt so I'm not very experienced but still, sweeps are my favorite techniques and was just wondering if there are guys who use sweeps alot and if not...maybe someone more experienced could fill me in on why they don't? thanx guys.

and no...I'm not a TUF noob.

It has gotten alot tougher to sweep(IMO) because of guys cross training in all aspects of MMA. Wrestling gives you great base, guys will know enough bjj to avoid getting out of position by overcommiting to one side. Punches always need to be defended, and a lot of sweeps require you to stop defending your face. I am not saying they cant be done, just tougher to get now.

I haven't been able to watch many of Diego Sanchez's fights but I hear he has good sweeps, anyone see what he used to sweep Koscheck?

Thanx Ajm, I figured it had something to do with the high level of wrestlers and the BJJ crosstraining they go through. And yeah diego's butterfly sweep was sweet and perfectly timed. His smooth as hell transition to the back I think is what kept Koschek from taking it to the ground.



Deigo has nice sweeps and him movement on the bottom. Carlos Newton too.

The fact that Newton swept Hughes with a basic hip bump gives me faith that any wrestlers can be swept. BJ Penn also took his back from the guard with a nice "duck-under" move.

Part of the problem in the US at least has to do with the quick standups. It's hard to work for a sweep when after you've been on the ground for all of 10-15 seconds and the ref is constantly yelling that they are going to stand you up. Watch shows where they allow them time to work (Shooto, Zst, etc.) and you'll see more sweeps. In a couple of the IFL shows that I watched some refs were already threatening to stand guys up after only 5-10 seconds on the ground!