Sweeps on the Ground Judo:Points?

I was looking through the website www.judoinfo.com and looked across the rules but didn't see anything mentioned there about points being awarded for sweeps performed during the groundwork phase (ne-waza)....so my question is, am I correct in understanding that no points are awarded for sweeps in Judo?



"NO" as in I am wrong and points ARE given, or no as in NO POINTS are given?

No points are given for sweeps/reversals/escapes on the ground under IJF rules, and as far as I know points have never been given.

Pins count, chokes, and armbars to the elbow joint only (this is under standard comp. rules), but no points for attempted subs or "almost" subs. Score for pins starts at 10 seconds, if you pin for 25 seconds you win the match.

The rules in groundwork are more similar to the old rules for throwing in spririt. In the "old days", you could only get points for ippon (win the match), or wazari (almost ippon).

Ben R.

However, if you drop, and hit the sweep immediately, you may get a score.

that shouldnt happen at all. fact, most refs worth their stock wont even consider it. if you hit the ground and go into a sweep it had seriously better look exactly like a continuous sumi or yokotomoe to score.. fact, at times they wont evensocre those two if they are t h a t s l o w.

sweeps arent point. neither is any positioning in judo-- unless it is an osaikomi and then you have to hold it for 10 seconds to get a koka and 25 for ippon.

armlocks and chokes are all or nada.

Joshua: True, it's about the speed of things, as I try to hit the Tomoe-Sweep as quickly as possible.

woah...Kai's name has turned black...Welcome to the mudnamer club...


No points for sweeps.

Only shitty referee's mistake sweeps for anything resembling a throw.

two comments from a nobody...1. sweeps are a means to an end..(as most sweeps end with the sweeper in the moint/pin that could lead to the ippon/end...2. in xtreme judo they teach a kick ass "sweep" that all bjjers/well-rounded judoka know (the feet on hips tomoe-nage from the ground), except on the dvd they show it from the standing position...why didn't i think of that???