Sweet Home, Chicago!!!

I have waited a month to make this thread, so I won't let PAX's thread keep me from it.

Maddux is bringing his huge wealth of knowledge to the young guns of the Cubs. Hey, I hope he wins 15-18 games, but I expect him to raise Wood & Zambrano's game a notch with his understanding of how to pitch. Wood & Z have the tools, now Maddux will teach them how to use them.

Can you imagine Prior with last year under his belt & Maddux as a mentor? Wow.

WGN, thank you for being on my television.

Lol @ cub fans...It doesnt matter who they pick up...The curse is for life.

The two best pitchers of the last 15 years are finally playing in the same division.

I can't wait for the first Maddux-Clemens Sunday night baseball matchup on ESPN.

and LOL @ Cardinal fans. Just because.

Because the Cardinals have more World Series rings then The cubs and astros combined...

So im laughing at both the Astros and cubs, just for being them

Go ahead and laugh then, you'll be laughing your way to third (at best) in the NLC.

wowow so you're saying the cardinals are going to finish ahead of either the astros or the cubbies? cause we already all know that the Pirates are making the playoffs this year