Sweet Jesus… Read This. A‘Detransitioned Male’ Talks About The Horror

That’s what I gathered from reading some of the responses. Like they will fuck a trans, but only as a novelty. It’s weird. But I thought it was really telling that even the folks in the alphabet group are being honest about not taking a trans person seriously.

I can’t keep up with any of it.

My guess is there are lots of people who can themselves trans who never go through with the surgery.

Didn’t we used to call them transvestites?

That’s why it’s so confusing.

To me if they go all the way through the physical change they are transsexuals

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It really is. But I’m super interested in the psychology of it all. I’m learning when I research this shit, that they don’t really believe what they say. Or maybe it’s that they do believe it, but learn to regret it once they get what they think they want.

For years, we’ve been told that we need to be inclusive. That these ideas have merit. That somehow, a young girl who thinks she’s really a boy, trapped in the wrong body, is perfectly healthy and needs to be supported in these thoughts. But a young girl who weighs 74lbs and throws up every meal she eats, because she too believes that there is something wrong with her body, and she’s too fat. No she’s sick, needs therapy, not support. It’s crazy. Could you imagine sometone having an anorexic or bulimic kid, and parading them around in skimpy clothing, and celebrating their terrible mental issues?? They would have their kids taken away immediately.

I don’t understand the mental gymnastics required. But I wanna learn about it. It’s disgusting. But it’s fucking fascinating in a really morbid and sad way. I’m really glad I made the decision to not have kids. I’m not sure I would be able to deal with this shit. I am in awe of the principled, moral parents out there, like the dad in the thread that taught his daughter and her friends to rebuild carbs and start a business.

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Every fucking time

Sex cannot be changed with the current technology. None of these are actual sex change operations. It’s just basically plastic surgery

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‘Strictest crieteria’ should mean not at all.

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That’s child abuse and nobody cares!

Play stupid games, win silly prizes.

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They’re turning on each other

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