Sweet Potato French Fries?

My wife asked me to makje these fries after having them at the House of Blues last week. I found this recipe on the net from Emiril:

Boil sweet potatoes for 10 minutes, peel & cut, deep fry for 4 minutes, let drain on paper towels, bring heat back up, finnish in deep fryer. They were getting dark and I finally took them out, but they never got very crispy... what's up with that?

What did I do wrong?

Thanks... Kev

The ones I've had were not very crispy. They were firm, but still fairly soft. The bar I get them at serves them with a sweet and spicy cream dressing, it's fecking awesome but I don't know what's in it.

I wouldn't boil them. Steaming is better if you want them to retain some firmless and not take on too much water. It leaves more room for error.

They don't get truly crispy like white potato fries, but you can get pretty close.

What is the purpose of boiling them anyway? Is it to pre-cook them, make them easier to cut & peel, or...?
Could you just pre-cook them in a microwave (which is what I do with home fries)?



The double-frying will crisp them up, Jonwell.

Ya but then they're double fried, blech

Hey, I'm just sayin'.

Besides, they lost me at "sweet potato".

I lurk on here but i am a professional chef. You just need to cut the fries into whatever shape you want and fry at 275 for a few minutes until they are cooked through. Then you spread them out on paper towels and refridgerate until they are cooled down, then fry again at 350 until crispy. Boiling before you fry will make mush.

I have made these before but have never boiled, or steamed, the sweet potatos. I just cut them really thin and fry them on high in virgin olive oil. Very nice and crispy, just like 'crisps'

"I lurk on here but i am a professional chef."

Great to have you here. Hope to see you post more often.

Sweet potato fries are one of nature's finest creations. This thread makes me hungry.

im gonna try that that sounds tasty

Thanks for the replies... I'll give it a try w/out the boiling/steaming.


I did some a couple weeks ago for sushi. I went from raw to the oil. They did not get too crunchy though but were good.