Swick favored against Riggs.

Just noticed the odds. It's very close, but Swick is -120.

I'm picking Swick as well, but I'm surprised he's a favorite - I think you'll see those odds change when it gets closer to fight time.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but "Go Joe Riggs."

If Phatboy says it's Riggs... it's Bible..lol

my heart says swick but my head says riggs....i can't believe swick is favored, but i agree that should change as fight time approaches


swick is gonna get hurt

LOL @ "Swick seems to throw harder."

I CANNOT believe they have Swick favored either. Riggs is a vet, with over
30 fights against some top level guys. I dropped cash down as soon as
the lines came out.

Stay tuned for another TUF exposure.

Swick might be quicker then Riggs but I doubt he hits harder.

The line was opened at that number largely because of the popularity of Mike Swick. The line sure has not moved much either. It seems like a pretty good line for two way action.

If Swick keeps it standing, he should be the favorite, all popularity aside.

You're right Major - Riggs is going to sleep if he trades with Swick!

wagering and fighting, won't you people ever learn?

I just hope you guys give Swick the credit he's due after he defeats Riggs. Swick is the real deal.. but don't trust me, watch when he decapitates Riggs.

You'd be suprised some of the odds I've seen.  Vegas Casino had Swick -200 vs Riggs and Sakara -200 vs Lister.  They also had Gonzaga at close to PK.

I had the Riggs bout pencilled in at close to  a PK, but opened Swick -125 because I knew I would get all Swick money based on the Vegas opener and  new fanbase. Gotta love it regardless of the result. 

Betting into numbers like that long term= money.

For some reason, I have a feeling that Riggs is going to win. I like Swick though...

"Betting into numbers like that long term= money."


"Swick will be able to show the world His "Swicksnore"
Watch for it...

Yeah, cuz we all know how hard he dropped a 170 lbs Diaz..

i think Swick is gonna blow Riggs out of there in the opening round...

Swick Fu over everything.

Jorge Rivera melted with a weak ass shot from Leben, too. He just has one punch knock out power, which is weird because he's not that technically great of a striker. Anybody can get knocked out, man. [ Besides Mark Hunt, that is, ]

Joe Riggs is a tough guy. I just think Swick's hand speed and power will be too much for him. If you think Riggs will blow right through Swick, I'd say you're mistaken. I don't think Swick will demonlish Riggs quickly, either. I think it will be a very competitive fight. A reasonable arguement can be made for each fighter.