Swick vs Goulet Off


Goulet vs Swick is Off. Swick pulled out, reasons currently unknown.

i honestly dont care...that fight held zero interest for me...

Robert Goulet is notorious for backing out of fights

didn't he just say Swick did? Yeah this fight sounds like it would suck anyways.

Damn Robert Goulet!!! Every day @ 3 o'clock... That bastard!


Goulet fears the swickotine.

Goulet fears the swickotine.

^He already said that!^

swhite learn how to read it say swick pulled out WAR!!!! Goulet

lmao at the vid

"swhite learn how to read it say swick pulled out WAR!!!! Goulet"

He did say swick pulled out. Maybe you should take your own advice.

double post

That damn Robert Goulet!!! That fucker fucked up my desk around 3 o'clock todaY!!!!!

If Swick pulled out then how come that chick is preggers?

Goulet wins by default



^^robert goulet has a sweet website....man this guy has been around for years. i can't believe he is doing mma now...what a fucking pimp!

Swick fears the gouletine.