Swimming instead of running?

I started a running program, but after a few weeks my shins and ankles started to ache pretty badly, even when I wasn't running. I waited about a month for and the pain went away. I started running up again and within a week my legs started hurting again.

I was considering swimming laps instead of running. What are the pros/cons of doing this instead of running? I am going to try to do this around 4-5x a week.

I've heard that if the pool is not well ventilated, then a layer of chlorine gas forms above the water. This is obviously not want you want to take in when you are breathing hard while swimming.

Whenever I used to swim, my lungs would always ache for a little while afterwards. I thought it was due to exertion, but I now believe it to be because of the chlorine gas.

well, the pool is outside, so I think that's about as venhilated as it's gonna get

Swimming and running are very different on your body. I do both and some other things. Your heart rate is usually lower while swimming, you want to stay relaxed and pound out the laps for efficient fat burning, if that is your goal. You will build some muscle mass too.

If you want to really train your cardio system nothing beats running. If you havn't run in a long time and all of a sudden start up hard you will get shin pain. I would try running 2-3 times a week (no longer than 30min on a soft surface, ie dirt) in the beginning, and swim the other 2-3 days. You will be in great shape if you do both. Post more if you have other questions.

Triguy just ran across the top of the lake with the correctness.

It's simple unless some competition requires that you be able to run there are too many ways to train your cardio with less stress on your legs and joints to train in pain.

You can also lay off the running and do some exercises where you stand flat footed and do 5 sets of 10 of lifting the front of your feet up off the ground, kind of rock up on your heels.

Burns like hell on the front of your legs and it helps to prevent shin splints.

Are you running on asphalt or concrete?

I read that running on a treadmill puts 300 times less stress on your legs than running on hard surfaces.

You can jump rope, do high rep squats, burpees, rowing, biking, etc.

Too many options man to be in pain.

I was actually running on a dirt track. I think my pain might be partially related to having obscenely flat feet.

I think I'm going to try swimming 3 days a week and hindu squats the other 3.

During the week I do either boxing or BJJ every day, so I was looking for something to boost my endurance for these activities. Maybe swimming would be good for building that shoulder strength I need for boxing, thoughts?

FWIW, my BJJ coach swears by swimming for cardio. I think
it is good if you are good enough to be able to do intervals,
like 10x100 on 2:00 or 1:45.

If you have access to a gym, other good options are the
Versaclimber, and the Concept II rowing machine. Also,
Taku's intervals with a weighted jumprope is pretty brutal,
and it also builds up your forearms and shoulders.

For shoulder strength, I would also suggest doing the
Clubbell Hand-to-hand program, basically doing 3 minute
rounds with a one minute break.

Or, you could go to a podiatrist and get some orthotics made
and see if that helps your foot pain.

I had the same shin splint problem until I invested in a good set of shoes. Do you over/under pronate? Are you flat footed?

Also you have to change your shoes once the tread goes. This is all dependent on your weight and the way you run.

Stretching the quads, IT Bands, hip flexors, hams, calves after your run is also important.

"During the week I do either boxing or BJJ every day, so I was looking for something to boost my endurance for these activities. Maybe swimming would be good for building that shoulder strength I need for boxing, thoughts?"

I know jack and shit about boxing conditioning but I support what the last two guys said.

If you want to run get some good shoes, hell some stores have salesmen and women who can actually look at your gait and the arch of your foot and recommend a good shoe.

As far as BJJ conditioning goes I strongly recommend fighting the line.

You line up everyone in class and you wrestle everyone with no rest time until you are friggin beat.

Then you get in the line and help abuse the next man.

The best grappling shape I've ever been in is from fighting the line and I also believe Quincy Rice uses this when he is preparing for a Subwrestling tourney.

Speaking of BJJ conditioning, when I was training with
Alberto Crane he told me that he never did any cardio other
than rolling.