Switch back "intermittent" fasting to reg "eating"

Just curious about if anyone who did IF such as "lean gains", "eat, stop, eat", "warrior diet" etc ever went back to eating, say in the case of lean gains, breakfast?

The "conventional" (I know I'm using a ton of quotations) theory is that if you "starve" yourself then your metabolism shifts to "storing fat", a simplistic explanation but I was just curious if those who skip breakfast and have a late-ish lunch a'la warrior diet or leangains, have ever went back to eating breakfast and felt any difference?

From my understanding people still take in protein shakes when doing this.... Is that not the case? Phone Post 3.0

No. True fasting is no food of caloric significance; true physiological fasting is even more "strict".

On leangains for example, you consume nothing outside of water, coffee, tea with very little milk, or milk substitute. On Warrior Diet same thing...On alternate day fasting or Pilon's Eat, Stop, Eat same thing, in fact since he's from a strict science approach: no milk either.

On Yom Kippur for example there's no water even, although that's an annual fast.

My friends who do fasts once (maybe twice sometimes) a weak a'la a "modified" Eat,Stop,Eat approach drink plenty of fluids but no stevia, milk, tea or coffee, even.

That's crazy... Yeah don't know anyone that's done that personally. Good luck Phone Post 3.0

I think in the future ill probably end up just relaxing my eating window. The best thing following leangains has done for me is make me realise that I don't need to eat the minute I wake up, every 3 hours, and just before bed. As long as I get my macros in, I'm good.

Sometimes I find the eating window difficult around work, so ill just start eating as and when I can or feel like it, just being sure to hit my macros for the day. Ill still cycle macros by eating most post workout, more carbs on training days and more fat on rest days. Some days I miss eating breakfast.

The one thing I wonder about is all the supposed health benefits of extended fasting that I may miss out on, and maybe a weekly 24 hour fast will help with that. Phone Post 3.0

That sounds interesting. I know Joe Donnelly(fitness personality) is somewhat like that. But he does the shakes all day. Saying its just easier for his body to digest and doesn't eat until night time. Ill check into that. Thanks for sharing Phone Post 3.0

I followed lean gains for awhile about 6 months and now I switched it up a little. I now only fast on the days that I'm not training. Phone Post 3.0

have you experienced any fat gain or energy fluctuation or blah blah blah?

Shanle - shakes all day is not even remotely close to fasting. A lot of people do liquid type of stuff. I usually spend 18-19 hours on weekends (no BJJ, no bodyweight work outs, only recovery stuff) fasting on green juices, no starch. but I don't call it a fast per se, but a "juice fast" as a misnomer of sorts.

Not much different. Just not as enjoyable for me. Phone Post 3.0

Starvation / fat-storing mode is bullshit.

I went years without eating bfast and stayed relatively lean. I adopted the conventional wisdom when I started lifting and ate relatively frequent meals, gaining muscle but also a substantial amount of non-muscle weight. Then I read the leangains site and dropped bfast again. The fat flew off.

You actually just (Anecdotally) proved it right...