Switched from lettuce to spinach on subs and pitas

Couldn't be happier with my decision.

It's good!!

Tuna, sprouts, pita= deliciousness Phone Post 3.0

That sounds like a fantastic idea. I've always loved raw spinach, you've inspired me. I'm not well versed in this kind of thing but I assume there are nutritional benefits? Phone Post 3.0

I put spinach in most things I eat. It fits so well Phone Post 3.0

Iceberg lettuce has the same nutritional value as eating water.
Spinach is way awesomer. Phone Post 3.0

Way to go. Great switch. Now get crazy and add some arugula with it, holy shit your sandwiches will be taken to a new level.

Any and all sandwiches created in our house must have: spinach, arugula, artichoke hearts and avocado. Occasionally adding sprouts also. Phone Post

I like to mix iceberg and spinach. I like the texture of the iceberg.