Switching from oil to natural gas?

We moved to our new house a few months ago, and while we love everything else about this house, this is the first time having oil heat and it blows. Coming from natural gas, I cannot believe how expensive oil is. We had our tank filled the weekend of Thanksgiving and it cost us $475. We have a six month old baby, so my wife is paranoid about our house getting too cold. As a result, we usually leave our house at around 66 day and night, with the occasional drop to 64 if we can get away with it. Barely five weeks since our tank was filled, we noticed last night that our tank was 1/8 full. We're in New England, with a blizzard touching down this morning with snow expected to total 16 inches, but thankfully we were lucky to have an emergency delivery to fill our tank. 235 gallons and $600 later, we are good to go.

Anyways, oil heat is ridiculous. I'm going to call our gas company to see whether we can get a gas line extended to our house so that we can switch to natural gas. It will probably cost a few grand, but it will be well worth it! Fingers crossed that we have the option to convert to gass!

Good luck.

I'd look to do the same thing if I was in your position.

I don't know of anyone who personally regretted moving away from oil heating.

if your village/town has the hook ups right to your house, I would 100% go with natural gas, if it needs to be delivered, the cost would be relative to oil

A lot of people I know with oil now use a heat pump as the main source of heating.