Parrumpinha (ATT) VS Hirota (Japan)Parrumpa wins 30 plus points to negative 1. (No misprint). Parrumpa put on another show. Passing and scoring at will. Just an awesome display. Great job Parrumpa!Otto Olsen VS Marcus Avellan. Otto takes this one 3-0 on a guard pass. Tough match for Marcos. Otto looked like he could go on for an hour. David Avellan VS Todd Margolis. David wins 3-0 on a guard pass at the end. Good back and forth matchup with several takedowns that almost scored. David is tough to beat at that weight. Good job by both competitors.Wade Rome-ATT VS Rob Constance. Wade wins with a nice takedown at the end 2-0. Props to Rob for stepping up and taking this match last minute. Nice job by Wade controlling till the end.Jeff Monson-ATT VS Pe de Pano. Big Jeff avoided the deadly triangle game of Pe de Pano and was able to pass Pe de Panos guard at the end to pull off a tremendous win 3-0. Jeff is just the ultimate competitor, he really steps up time after time.Marcelo Garcia (Fabio Gurgel) VS Pablo Popovitch. Marcelo wins via rear naked with literally 1 second left. Marcelo ha d a guard pass and then was able to get o Pablo's back before finishing. Marcelo definitely lived up to the hype. Very fast and agressive. Pablo will be back, he is a tough kid. Congrats to Marcelo on an impressive performance.145 TournamentRenato Tavares ATT wins!Renato first took on Mike Cardoso defeating him 14-0.Renato then faced off against Mike M. winning 2-0 in overtime. Congrats to Renato on winning the tournament!165 TournamentRafael Diaz ATT wins!Rafael first opponent was Ricardo Teixera winning by the score of 3-0 on a guard pass.Rafael then faced off against Elison (Jacare academy) sorry do not remember first name. Winning by the score of 5-0 on a takedown and then guard pass.Nice job of stepping up by Rafael! He just recently recieved his blackbelt and he represented it well!193 TournamentMoacir "Boca" Oliveira-ATT wins!Boca first took on Ken Kronenberg defeating him 10-0. Guard passes and knees on the stomach to score points.Next up was Charles McCarthy. Boca wins 6-0 on 2 guard passes. Props to Charles for fighting the night prior then competing in this tourny the following day. Tough thing to do. Boca did a nice job of controlling the action of this match and looked strong in doing so. AbsoluteBoca wins again!!Boca beats Wisneiwski 5-0 then then beat a guy from Alliance(sorry do not know name) 5-0. Tough match but Boca just kept on rolling. Cardoso entered the Absolute and made it to the finals where he bowed out to Boca. Nice show of respect by Mike.Great job by Boca winning his weight class then the Absolute. Great tournament with alot of exciting matches. Everybody that came and competed lived up to the hype. Congrats go out to all the competitors who competed today. Great sportmanship through out the day.Nice job by the refs, time keepers, and crew.American Top Team

I knew Otto would take it.... hell this guy did get 2nd place in the last ADCC.

This was a great show by everybody. All the competitors really left everything on the mat. And you have to get the DVD when it comes out to see Parrumpinha's match, it was like a jiu-jitsu demonstration.

Huge win for Monson.

"Otto looked like he could go on for an hour" is an understatement!

Sounds like a great event!!! Congrats to everybody!

You guys are sorta misrepresenting ottos match a little bit I think. Otto wouldnt engage marcos on the ground at all and was warned a few times for it. He was very tough but he basically did enough to win and that was it. Marcos was pushing the action the whole time. Marcos also took otto down and swept him but didnt get points because of the way ADCC scores them.

That said otto is a tremendously conditioned athlete. He did look like he could go forever and marcos was spent by the finish of the match. Congrats to Otto and Marcos for a entertaining match.

Thanks for the description.

Good description. Great event. Long day, but worth every minute. You have to see the tape to get the real action. It would take pages to descripe Parrumpa's match, let alone everyone's.

Lister x Garcia should be put together.

I thought Marcos did really well in his match. I originally thought he would be outclassed but he proved himself. However, I wouldnt say that butt scooting is pushing the action. Could Otto have engaged a little more? yeah, but Marcos could have too. In no means am I discrediting Marcos. He appeared to be the smaller (and perhaps lesser) of the two but did a good job of compensating for his disadvantages. In the end Otto just beat him.

Can anyone give an unbiased opinion on the Constance vs. Rome
match? Congrats to all competitors and winners! Thanks in advance.


Renzo Gracie Association/ECJJF

At the end, it was a game of strategy. I had an alright strategy going in but his relentless head clubbing is what really won the fight. I knew we were going to bang on our feet, I just never imagined that I would take such a clubbing from the sitting position. Eventually, through the accumulation of clubbing he broke me down and was able to score his pass. For people who weren't there, I was sitting in front of him trying to get butterfly guard, while he sort of kept his distance and clubbed my head like a baby seal for about 10 minutes! :) My neck is killing me today.

About the engaging, he wasn't engaging much but played it just right. In ADCC, if someone drops guard - it is the obligation of the person on top to engage into the butt scooters guard. Otherwise, they hit you with stalling. He got two warnings for it, the next one was supposed to be for negative points.

I had a close takedown attempt and a sure sweep that wasn't scored. To me, that felt like the best technique I have ever executed in competition. But it didn't matter because with the guard pass he would have won anyways - but I did get that sweep, IMO. He also had some nasty wrestler style headlocks from my halfguard.

His cardio was also pretty good and he felt strong. I am looking forward to grappling him again in the future, I think I can beat him. But the pass was clean and strong - the win is his.

The funnest thing for me was clubbing him back every so often from the bottom position :) LOL, I can't wait to see the tape.



what year will the video be available?


THANK YOU GUYS!!!! I really wanna thank everybody who
helped me on this victory!! Thanks
MARCELO,LIBORIO,PUMA,DAN,and all my train partners!!!
It was a really good match! I hope everybody enjoy
that, cus whenever I fight I try to put up a good show
for the crowd. I think I did that!!!

It was a pleasure to meet you and your team. I was impressed by your game. Otto does have some nasty headlocks, and you defended them well. Cant wait to see you again.

Rome/Constance was mostly spent on standing up with both fighters beginning in a very tentative manner. At one point, Rome got both underhooks in and Rob looked like "oh shit," but twisted out of bounds with no takedown taking place.

About three quarters through the match, Rome finally got a firm clinch and threw Rob prettly cleanly. After the match, Rob said that when he locked up with Rome he felt like a truck.

With just a few seconds left in the match, Rome passed guard and Rob turtled. No points and the match ended just after.

Rob was a very game competitor, but Rome just seemed too big and strong. Early in the match, Rob would fake a shoot and Rome would just stand there like "What??!!??" Not even flinching. It seems like most guys under 275-280 lbs will need to drive a SUV into Wade's legs to take him down. JMHO.

Scotty from OTM was there taping the event. Hopefully we'll see this one for sale before . . . well, you know.