correction to Mark Hunter. Wade did take Rob down.
Rob went guard. Wade tried to smother Rob with his chest. time ran out . Wade did not pass Robs guard.
also when Wade got double underhooks Rob did not twist and go out of bounds. What fight were u watching ?

diesel720, Wade didn't take Rob down? That's funny . . . he grabbed Rob and threw, Rob ended up on the ground, and Wade got points. I always thought they called that a "takedown." Thanks for clearing that up, though.

Let's see . . . Rob was turtled when time ran out, not getting smothered. Wade had stopped the smother attempt before he ever attempted to pass guard.

You actually had me wondering . . . to the point that I had to call someone that was also at the event to be sure I wasn't getting my facts twisted. Good post.

congrats to everyone!


Congrats to my boy Rob for taking the fight last minute. Wade is a big strong Tech guy who is gonna be tough to beat. Congrats to both of them and everyone who competed.

Oh yea, Marcello Garcia what the hell has this guy been eating. Pablo is the man, but some how Garcia keeps doing things over and ober that NOBODY has done before.

Mark, i was never in the turtle position. after the throw/takedown at the edge of the mat, restarted in middle in my guard. Wade attepted a pass, then the smother. Like i said , i don't know what fight u were watching. but we'll wait for the tape.

Rob Constance aka Chocolate THunder

Thanks Mark. Oh I'm laughing at you arguing with Rob about his
fight...lol. Are you coming up to NYC anytime soon?


Renzo Gracie Association/ECJJF

First off, I want to say thanks to Rob for the match. He is a hell of a competitor and Very funny guy. Prior to the match the ref instructed us to "keep it clean" and Rob said, What ? I am going to kick him straight in the nuts ! That was hilarious. Rob may also be the strongest guy I have ever grappled against.

The match was pretty slow paced for the first five minutes or so. I had double underhooks twice but we went off the mat both times and I was unable to secure anything. With a minute and a half or so left in the fight I was able to secure a takedown near the edge of the mat. The ref restarted us in the middle with me in Rob's guard. I tried my patented "Hoochie Mama" smother but it is nearly impossible from the guard, my real intent was to get him to open up a little. I then passed guard and Rob went to all fours (although under ADCC rules that is not a scoring guard pass). The match ended with me on Rob's back.

It was a fun match and again I appreciate Rob coming down. I am looking forward to the Arnold's this week.

Congrats to all of my team-mates and my good friend and training partner Jeff Monson on his victory over Pe De Pano.

Wade Rome

Thanx Wade, its obvious that i had a mental block on the pass. I might have a nightmare about a monster on my back. Thanx 4 havn me down in fla. But just to keep it fair we should try it again. Good luck at the Arnolds!

Oh snap!! I didn't realize that was Rob I was arguing with. I was actually about to e-mail Rob and get confirmation that what I was saying was correct. I guess that saved me the trouble!!

Rob, I even asked you after the match why you didn't go for the triangle when he reached under your leg to pass. We talked about this, and then you come on this Forum and play me!?!?! Maybe I'm having an acid flashback from back in the day, but I swear you turtled and he was on your back (without hooks) when the match ended.

In any event, ttt for Rob "I don't like the way you're talkin' to me" Constance and a good match!!

Lynn, I'm coming up to NYC sometime this month for work-related stuff, but I'll stop by the academy when I'm there. A better question is . . . when are you coming to Miami??


You can count on it. Stay in touch.




Just got home, so here are some quick thoughts -

Marcos, Otto played that takedown you hit (and you did hit it) very smart. He kept your head guillotined two hands, then he kept it pretty hard even when he posted one arm, and the takedown rule asks you to be clear of danger to score. I thought it was so impressive that you could get him down from your butt, that it was nuts. Unfortunately, due to the work, I missed the sweep. Maybe you are talking about the sweep, I thought it was a takedown, but it was rock solid technique bro, down to the scream.

I talked to Otto, and oddly his hands and forearms are tired. Imagine that... He is a robot of an athlete.

I think both Avellan's and the school showed they were world class.

Rob is stronger than Roger Neff, according to Wade, so it was two trucks in there. This was a better than average match for Heavyweights at ADCC, propes to both guys.

Garcia is absolute MAGIC. He is Harry Potter. And Fabio Gurghel is a gentleman and a class act.

Monson and Pe De Pano was a war too - the last SUPERFIGHT matches were as elite as it gets.

Parumpinha is also really hot. I think I would like to see him against Baret.

Margolis did a great national anthem, and then fought a great fight. Ask Todd about 'Mmmm SEXXXZY'



Migueli- Also deserving mention is Renato Tavares who at 36 yrs old won the 145# division, and Boca winning his division and the absolute.American Top Team

LOL at suv to take Wade down. He is also pretty comical. Just watched AFC 4 with Wade commentating and he has jokes.

LOL Miguel, I'm glad his hands are tired after beating me on the head :) I couldn't even train today because my neck hurts so bad! :)

The sweep I'm referring to was the takedown you mentioned. It was a takedown but I referred to it as a sweep because I started it from my butt. I have to watch the video again, at the time I thought the guillotine was weak but regardless it didn't make it a difference in the final score.

I had a great time at the event, thank you Miguel for inviting me and letting me be a part of it. My team and I had a great time at the event and at the AFC.

You and your organization run top-notch events - extraordinarily professional.