Swollen lymphnodes = flu symptom?

Any help appreciated. Monday woke up with back aches and total
fatigue, the chills and fever all day tuesday(couldnt stop shivering all
day, but was also on fire?). Wednesday, fever had subsided but had
massive headache and now its thursday and i woke up this morning in
cold sweats and now my lymph nodes in my neck, underarms, and
grion are swollen and painful. This is what worries me as i have never
experienced this before. I also havent had any appetite all week. I have
never had the flu and am with out health insurance. Should I see a doc,
or just wait it out. I fell better, just still fatigued and swollen nodes.
Any opinions greatly appreciated.

go to the Dr....not to scare you but with swollen lymph nodes you need to go asap.

went this morning. The doc was puzzled. Said it was too late for flu,
but it might be mono, but it was a little different from the mono he has
seen. The nodes in my neck, armpit, and groin are swollen and tender.
Awaiting on blood test results.

If they all all swollen it suggests a broad system infection of some sort. Mono tends to be specific. I had only a swollen node in my neck. Interested in what the final diagnosis is...