Swtor free to play

So I'll try it out... The pvp videos look great, I'm gonna try it.

What's a great pvp class? In wow I love casters. Phone Post 3.0

I play an Operative healer Phone Post 3.0

torubu - I play an Operative healer Phone Post 3.0
Is the pvp very competitive? Phone Post 3.0

sunnyko -
torubu - I play an Operative healer Phone Post 3.0
Is the pvp very competitive? Phone Post 3.0
I don't do Rateds. But yeah the bolster system makes it easy for most gear to compete. Phone Post 3.0

Is it worth the download? Phone Post

TheGilbs - Is it worth the download? Phone Post
I've been playing since release. I think so. Phone Post 3.0

They fix the framerate issues? Phone Post

I recently started playing regularly. I had given it a couple shots before and just couldn't get into it. For whatever reason, it really clicked this time. I'm switching between a few different characters figuring out what I enjoy, but so far I have a Marauder and Juggernaut both in the 30's, and an Assassin and Mercenary both in their mid-teens. I'm finding all of the classes fun, although the Bounty Hunter/Mercenary is really quite fun. There are physics backing the explosions in the game, so you can blow enemies all over the place with grenades.

I actually enjoy the tradeskills (crew skills) in this game. The reverse engineering system is brilliant for learning new recipes, and the crew missions feature is also intriguing to me. Part of the reason I am alternating between several characters is because I am simultaneously leveling different skills on each. I am thoroughly enjoying making my own lightsaber and armor modifications. Oh, and the Legacy system is another neat feature, although I haven't explored it enough to really give any sort of abbreviated or all-encompassing description of it.

I don't want to sit here and gush over the game, but I see something in it now that I missed the first two or three times I tried to get into it. My recommendation, for anyone who does want to try it, is to keep playing until level 15-20 before you make your judgment. I made the mistake of quitting right after getting my lightsaber the first couple times I tried it out, but the game really starts to open up and shine after that point. I decided to approach it for the story, as if I was playing a new KoToR game, and that is what hooked me. There are a bunch of great storylines threaded throughout the game, and I'm thrilled I gave the game enough of a chance that I'm getting to experience them.

I bought a subscription around level 15 on the first character I leveled. I was certain I was going to be playing for at least a month at that point. That was a week and a half ago, and I'm still feeling strongly addicted.

Are Jedi knights weak? I'd assume everyone and their dogs would wanna play a Jedi knight so they maybe made them weak? Phone Post 3.0

Operative PVP from a year or so ago:

sunnyko - Are Jedi knights weak? I'd assume everyone and their dogs would wanna play a Jedi knight so they maybe made them weak? Phone Post 3.0

Jedi Knight & Sith Warrior are mirror classes. With either one you can choose to play as a tank (single lightsaber, energy shield & heavy armor) or as DPS (two lightsabers & medium armor).

I'm at level cap with a Sith Assassin (stealth, CC & backstabbing) and a Jedi Sage (healer).

Just got all Partisan gear on my OP healer. First WZ with it I go 79-0 and 1.2 million heals. 17 medals. Phone Post 3.0

Just started playing again. Fun so far Phone Post 3.0

I like the star wars universe. I have a 51 assassin and I enjoy ganking noobs

this on ps3 and xbox?

What server you guys on? Phone Post 3.0

torubu - What server you guys on? Phone Post 3.0

Ebon hawk. Anyone on here have a laid-back guild I'm looking to join. Got a 54 jugg, 50 assassin, and 50 scoundrel. Phone Post

I bought it at release, a few things really bugged me.

I forget what they call it, but basically different mirror images of the same areas on the same server.

I get it for the instances, but the main areas of the planets? Jeez...

Instead of PVP being a living breathing part of the game the relegated it mini game arenas. Quite frankly it's meaningless and just random kill fests where death and killing means nothing. I'll get twice of the fun in a MOBA style game if I want that type of experience.

Speaking of mini games they again thought the best idea was to take players out of the main game itself and relegate space battles to mini games against the PC. It's like if WoW had an option for players to play space invaders while logged into the game.

There are positives of course, the story was done well, the voice acting was great, but you could tell this game had very little to offer end game wise unless you love arenas. Also a lot of the positives were basically WoW copies.

I have never found an mmo where I enjoyed end-game. I hate PVE instances and the pvp grind gets old.

leveling up in this game is worth it for the story. playing evil side sith is fun as hell. I murder anyone the game lets me.