Sydney Shows

Guys I need help.

I have picked up a new client for the bank and is potentially a big client. Therefore, I have to entertain this client as part of my marketing program. The good thing is he is a mad MMA/Thai/Kick Box fan so I am looking for a show to take him to in Sydney Nov/Dec but must be of the highest quality preferably with an MMA match included.

Looking at spending upto $500 per ticket for 3 tickets so a title night would be good.

If there is nothing in Sydney than I will consider flying down for either XFC or Spartan, but Sydney is first option.

Any help would be appreciated.




I can construct a package on XFC6 NOV 20 and also include some VIP gigs in it like hanging with SHAMROCK etc...

It's a saturday night show and flights are reasonable + I have a spare 5 star room.

The show is off the dizial FOKIS, CUTTA, SCHAFFA, BONELLO etc.......

Nick Stone has a show on 3rd Dec

Justin. You have mail. This customer is a fan of Ken Shamrock, so Frank meeting would be sensational.

Anthony. Any way of getting details re Nick Stone's show, let me know



james glad to hook a brother up!

You need to repeat your phone number on asnwering machines. Am I the only person who does that

Hi you have reached 04 . . fuck pen...... doh!!!!

Anyway chat soon mate.


Nick always puts on a good Kickboxing show. He holds them at Manly Leagues club. He also usually gets half time entertainment like a comedian which breaks the evening up well.

XFC will have the XFC HW Title fight with Steve and Brad.

The following weekend (Nov 27th) you have Spartan as well which will be barn burner. Anthony is training for that show as well.

How long is he in town and how much do you want to show him (and see yourself)?


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